Cloak of Glarothen the Bright

Written by Melody Haren Anderson.

Cloak of Glarothen the Bright

The cloak was presented to Corvin by the Elf Queen herself, for reasons only he and she know... and not wholly. All he knows is that he and a beautiful elven woman spent a wonderful time together and afterwards she gave him this cloak. It was held formerly by a great hero of the elves.


Attunement: The wearer must champion the Elven people in some way without expectation of pay.

Guarded by Fate: Always: Physical defense: +1 PD (adventurer); +2 PD (champion); +3 PD (epic).

Pocket Full of Tricks:Recharge 16+: When successfully attacked, the cloak falls to the ground, disintegrating into motes of light, nothing inside... the wearer still takes all effects of the attack, but can teleport and attempt to hide, if they so desire, as a free action.

Soul of Ancient Nobility:Always: Elves are highly confused, but know you as a noble given title by the Queen herself.


Soul of an Elven Hero:Quirk: Sensitive to any sort of oppression against elves. Over-Attunement: What was once sensitivity is now barely lidded rage at such things. You are easily goaded into protecting the rights of elves, with violence as your preference.


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