Vengeful Ranger's Bow

Written by Angel.

The vengeful ranger's bow is a champion tier magical weapon (+2 to attack and damage rolls with this weapon.). Download the attached file for a PDF of all the magic stuff I've created!

Vengeful Ranger's Bow: Are you the type of archer that can't be bothered to disengage from your enemy before getting off a shot or two? Then this is your bow. Sharp, jagged claws and teeth from a variety of unpleasant creatures adorn the bow above and below grip, ready to lash out at foes foolish enough to attempt an opportunity attack. Once an encounter, make a ranged attack against an engaged enemy. As long as the enemy makes an opportunity attack, hit or miss, against you, deal automatic damage against that enemy equal to your level's worth of d4s.

Quirk: Spirit of Vengeance. At one point, maybe you were easygoing and carefree. Not anymore. You are unable to let go of perceived slights, and you spend a lot of time plotting revenge for them.

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