Serpent's Spine

Written by Angel.

The serpent's spine is a champion tier magical weapon (+2 to attack and damage rolls with this weapon.). Download the attached file for a PDF of all the magic stuff I've created!

Serpent's Spine: You may have guessed from the name, but in case you didn't, this vicious little whip was magically fashioned from the spiked tail of a dragon. Aside from being more flexible than a chain of bones has any right to be, the magics that forged this weapon also make its length somewhat... variable. Coiled on it's owner's hip it may not look like it, but the right flick of the wrist and it can strike things 12, 15, even 20 feet away. This ranged weapon uses d8s for its damage, and while it can't hit far targets like a bow can, it doesn't provoke opportunity attacks from engaged enemies either. Plus, you can use it to look like a badass swinging across pits (fedora not included).

Quirk:Some Like It Hot. You can't eat anywhere without the magma-level hot sauce you now carry around with you everywhere. (It was a red dragon.)

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