Stygian Driftwood Staff

Written by Angel.

Champion tier staff (+2 to attack and damage with an arcane spell or attack.) This and other magic items I've created are collected together in the attached PDF.

Stygian Driftwood Staff: Long, twisted, and eternally cold, this staff is made from rough, blackened driftwood and wrapped with inlaid etchings filled with ice from the River Styx. While the implement feels light and almost fragile, it's actually surprisingly strong, occasionally thrumming with frigid energy. In addition to warning the wielder of the presence of the undead, once a day its gelid energy can be added to an arcane or divine attack. add 3d6 cold damage to the attack, whether it hit or missed.

Quirk: Chill of Death: An icy breeze that only you can feel blows across your skin on occasion, perhaps because someone has stepped upon the spot you're fated to die.

stygian driftwood staff

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