Alchemical Stuff and Potions

Written by Marco.

Hi Folks.

I'm working on various projects for 13th Age: one of them is the "Theme" mechanic, that should add more variety to character building. One of the Themes I'm workin' on is the Alchemist, which is more a profession, than an actual class, in this concept.

I really needed more Potions and Alchemical stuff and that's the work I've done in a couple of days. Feel free to comment, add and twak.


P.S.: this is not a complete list. They're just samples to start from!!!

Alchemical Objects and Substances

You can find and purchase Alchemical stuff as per other objects, but it's not that simple in common environments. Alchemists are rare: if a character has the Alchemist theme can create objects with little effort and some money. 
You can increase and/or dicrease the value of each substance as you see fit in your campaign. 
As a rule of thumb, don't let non alchemist characters abuse of these objects: they're awesome and powerful add-ons to standard equipment, especially for characters lacking specific combat abilities.

For each object, I present the versions at higher tiers of play.


Quick Throw

Some objects have the Quick Throw property, which means that you can throw the object using a Quick Action as long as it was in one of your free hands at the start of your turn. Assuming you have an "alchemist belt" or some pouches to draw from, seathing an alchemical objects requires a quick action. 


Acid Ampoul

A small phial of acid. You can use it as a "weapon" or a simple substance to corrode metal and other objects in general.

Quick Throw.

Target: 1d3 nearby creatures in a group.

Attack: Dex + Lev. vs PD

Hit: 10 ongoing acid damage (save ends).

Miss: 5 ongoing acid damage.

Champion: 15 ongoing acid damage.

Epic: 20 ongoing acid damage and the save is now hard (16+).



Alchemist Fire

An explosive phial th...BOOOOOOM!

Target: 1d4+1 nearby creatures in a group.

Attack: Dex + level vs PD

Hit: 3d6 fire damage.

Natural even hit: you deal 5 ongoing damage.

Miss: half damage.

Champion: 6d6 fire damage and 10 ongoing fire damage on a natural even hit.

Epic: 8d6 fire damage and 15 ongoing fire damage on any hit.



Chocking Smoke

You throw the ampoul: it breaks on impact and releases a chocking and almost invisible fog.

Target: all nearby creatures (from point of impact)

Attack: +9 vs PD (+12 Champion; +15 Epic)

Hit: the target start chocking and is weakened (save ends). A creature that saves against this effect, is Dazed while in the fog.

Miss: the target is dazed instead of weakened and it's not dazed if it saves.

Champion: the save is now hard (16+).

Epic: the target is dazed and helpless, instead of weakened. It is weakened on a miss.




These potions add to the known lists. Nothing to add, except for the fact that they're all choosable for characters with the Alchemist theme, as long as they are of the appropriate tier.


Potion of Beauty

Champion: For the next hour, you can cast Charm Person as if you were a Bard of 6th level or higher. 1200 GP.


Potion of Change

Champion: You assume the form of a normal sized humanoid. Lasts until you sleep. 800 GP.

Epic: You assume the form of an humanoid or natural animal creature within the size limits of a cat and a bear. You get all the features of the new form (details at GMs discreption). Feel free to get inspiration from the monster section of the core book or the bestiary. Lasts until you sleep. 2000 GP.


Potion of Courage

C: Until the end of the battle, or for 5 minutes, you're immune to non-damaging fear abilities (including fear auras). 600 GP.


Potion of [ENERGY] Immunity

Champion: You gain Resist 16+ to the specified energy type. 1500 GP.


Potion of Inner Power

A: you regain 1 recovery. 30 GP.

C: you regain 2 recoveries. 50 GP.

E: you regain 3 recoveries: 90 GP.


Potion of Invisibility

Adventurer: You are invisibile for the rest of the battle or for 5 minutes. You take a +5 bonus to Dexterity checks involving Stealth. You can't run. If someone detects you (with a Perception roll higher than yours), they know you're there, even if they don't actually see you. Creatures attacking you get a -5 to their attack rolls. 500 GP.

Champion: lasts for 1 hour. The bonus to stealth checks is now +10. 900 GP.


Potion of Luck

C: Until the end of the battle (or for 5 minutes), you can reroll any 1-5. You must stick to the second roll. 500 GP.


Potion of Wizardry

C: You regain one of your expended daily or recharge spells. 1000 GP.

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