Gloves of Ogreish Might

Written by Kenderama.

Gloves of Ogreish Might

These thick leather gauntlets seem to have almost not been scraped completely clean, as they still have hairs from whatever beast that gave up it's hide sticking up from the back of the materiel. Rough, iron studs block off each knuckle, and the reddish hue of the metal isn't entirely made of rust.

Chakra: Hands

Special: Can be used in or out of combat, to different effects, but shares the same recharge cycle:

Property: (Combat) (Quick Action, Recharge 16+) Until end of Battle, when you hit with a melee attack, do +2 damage (per tier) extra damage from the sheer power of your muscles. However, your MD drops by 1 (per tier) as well as your 'roid rage consumes you.

Property: (Out of Combat) (Recharge 16+) For the next 5 minutes, all strength-based skill checks you undertake that use your hands are given a +2 (per tier) bonus. However all intelligence-based skill checks suffer a similar detriment, of -1 (per  tier).

Quirk: Shuns bathing and getting wet in general.


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