Trousers of the 1st Age

Written by Wade Rockett.

(Originally posted on Google+: based on a true story.)

trousersWhenever a catastrophe ends an Age, whoever's wearing these magical trousers at the time escapes. The handful of beings who know of their existence search for them constantly and ruthlessly.

Chakra: Legs

Property: +1 AC (adventurer); +2 AC (champion); +3 AC (epic)
Once per day you can spend an unused icon relationship result to negate the results of any roll: attack, damage, save or skill check. Daily and recharge abilities negated in this way are still expended, but have no effect. The icon whom you invoked senses the power of the trousers being used, and knows their exact location. Quirk: Nervous and easily startled.

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  • I like this item - I like how it semi-balances itself at each level, since you're more likely to have spare icon relationship dice at champion and then epic level.

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