Gloves of Iron Grip

Written by Angel.

Adventurer tier gloves. This and all my other magic items can be seen in the PDF linked at the bottom.

Gloves of Iron Grip: Anyone wearing these gloves has a grip like a vise. Not a little vise either, a big ol' cast iron blacksmith's vise. As long as you have a free hand in combat, you can grab any creature of large size or smaller. If you grab a large creature and it moves, you move with it with no penalty. Medium and small creatures cannot move while grabbed. You can also perform any act that requires a grip with no effort, such as hanging off a ledge for hours (if you really want to do something that boring.) The only thing that can break your grip against your will is unconsciousness.

Quirk: Pit Bull with a Bone. Once you have something, anything (money, equipment, mediocre sandwich, etc.), you have a lot of trouble giving it up for any reason.

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