Kitsune's Wand

Written by Angel.

Champion tier magic wand (+2 attack and damage with arcane spells or attacks.) This and other magic and expendable items I've created can be seen in the attached PDF.

Kitsune's Wand: This wand is thought to have once belonged to a powerful vulpine sorcerer who specialized in shapeshifting and seducing wealthy nobles to gain their confidence and steal their fortunes. Once a day, for approximately an hour, you can change your physical form into that of a fox, complete with all its natural abilities, such as enhanced smell and hearing. If done during battle, for a move action you may freely disengage from any enemies engaged with you and move to any nearby area. All attacks against you while in this form take a -3 penalty to the attack roll, but you cannot attack or perform any other actions that would be impossible for a fox. Transforming back into your normal form costs a quick action.

Quirk: Sly as a Fox. You are thoroughly convinced of your own intellectual superiority, and you're not shy about pointing it out to others.

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