Kunoichi's Sandals

Written by Angel.

Champion tier magic boots (+2 to disengage checks and other fancy footwork.) This and other magic items I've created are collected together in the attached PDF.


Kunoichi's Sandals: Like all elements of a ninja's gear, these sandals promote stealth an agility. Of course, they're also exceedingly feminine, so probably not likely to be worn by a burly mountain man of an adventurer. +2 bonus to checks that involve climbing, sneaking, misdirection, and being ninja-like in general. They also grant the wearer heightened instincts for underhandedness: when the person wearing these sandals sets off a trap of any kind, roll a save. With an 11+, they manage to avoid any damage.


Quirk: Strangely dramatic. Occasionally, you will yell “Cha!” after intense, semi-frequent inner dialogues.



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