Vicious Rigger's Belt

Written by Angel.

Champion tier magic belt (+2 total recoveries). This and other magic items I've created are collected together in the attached PDF.


Vicious Rigger's Belt: On either side of this thick leather belt, two pitons hang from leather chord and heavy links of chain. There are barb-like studs to help anchor the steel spikes, insuring that the wearer is safely tethered after they're driven in. Somewhat out of the ordinary, these particular pitons hold more firmly in flesh than stone or wood. Once a day when subjected to an effect that would move the wearer against their will or knock them down, the pitons shoot out of their own accord and anchor themselves in the source of the effect, holding the wearer steady. If the source of the effect was an enemy, they take 5d4 damage. They then retract back to the belt automatically.


Quirk: Immovably stubborn. Once you set your mind on something, it takes extraordinary circumstances to get you to change it.



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