Wraith's Burial Shroud

Written by Angel.

Champion tier magic cloak (+2 to PD.) This and other magic items I've created are collected together in the attached PDF.


Wraith's Burial Shroud: At first glance, this cloak appears as a jumbled pile of wispy, tattered rags, but when worn, it becomes an ethereal cloak, seemingly unaffected be wind, rain, or other environmental factors. In total darkness, it shimmers very faintly with a bluish glow that reminds one of dim moonlight in winter. While wearing the shroud, it will counter an opportunity attack that hits or misses by splitting into ghostly ribbons, wrapping around the attackers limbs, and slamming them to the ground. 5d6 damage, and the enemy is prone. This ability can be recharged after the battle in which it's used, 16+. If the recharge fails, it can be attempted once a day until it succeeds. When the owner levels up, it automatically recharges.


Quirk: Morbid Traditionalist. You become obsessed with the funeral traditions of all cultures, and after defeating enemies will typically insist on performing burial rights for the fallen, even if it's inconvenient for the rest of the party. With a bit of effort, you can normally be argued out of wasting the time.

 Wraith's Burial Shroud

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