Wand of Wilfull Evil

Written by Angel.

Adventurer tier magic wand (+1 to att and dmg rolls with arcane spells and attacks.) This and other magic items I've created are collected together in the attached PDF.

Wand of Willful Evil: Originally crafted by a treacherous mage that turned against his master, it has proven to be more of a hazard to most owners than it was ultimately worth. If used for long enough, it can corrupt the most upstanding and principled of casters. If the wielder has a relationship with the Archmage or the Elf Queen, it is now a negative relationship. Redistribute extra points to other icons. If the wielder does not have a relationship with either of those icons, they now have a negative point with the Archmage.

Quirk: Vindictive Kleptomancy. The owner starts trying to steal from their friends and party members. If they gain two or more levels while using the wand, they start plotting to kill them as well.

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