Losgunn, the toad-tongue mace

Written by Angel.

This item is intended as a signature item, so it gets stronger as the owner advances through the levels. This and other magic items I've created are collected together in the attached PDF.


Losgunn: Once a battle, this weapon can make its melee attack at range, whipping out at one nearby enemy. There is no danger of accidentally hitting someone other than the intended target; it will pulse, throb, and snake its way around most obstructions to hit its mark. It's kinda creepy, really.

As the wielder grows in strength, so does Losgunn. At champion tier, it becomes forked, allowing its ranged attack to target two nearby enemies. At epic tier, it gains the ability to add 4d4 acid damage to its ranged attack.

Quirk: Da Funk. Hezrou demons stink. Like, butt of the abyss stink. Now, so do you, as long as you're wielding this weapon.

 History & Lore: Hezrou are mid-level toad demons. Even among other demons they tend to be avoided, not so much because they're dangerous, more because of their unpleasant smell which, unfortunately, is the defining characteristic of Losgunn. In addition to the stench, their feeding habits are also a bit disconcerting: their long, elastic tongues shoot out at random, almost with a mind of their own, wrapping around their prey and springing back into the toothless toad mouths, gumming and crushing the prey to death while dissolving it with strongly acidic saliva.

 To add a bit of “bite” to the weapon, it was augmented with the claws of a powerful white dragon; this allows it to be used as a mace when it's not performing its roll as a slimy demonic death whip. Strangely enough, perhaps due to the magically demonic nature of the weapon, even though only a handful of claws were added when it was forged, many more are visible when it extends for its ranged attack, growing out of the sticky flesh every few inches at random angles. It's quite vicious looking, actually. And pungent.

Losgunn, the toad-tongue mace


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