Light's Avenger

Written by Kenderama.

Light's Avenger


This bastard sword flickers with golden sunlight when drawn, emanating from the stylized sun-symbol embedded in the tang of the weapon. It is said that a concerted effort in a previous age brought the Archmage, Priestess, and Great Gold Wyrm together to forge this weapon against the darkness of the Lich King and his undead hordes.

Chakra: Weapon 

Property: +2 / +3 to hit and damage. (Based on Champ/Epic tier.)

Special: Adventurer tier characters who attune to this powerful weapon immediately go above their chakra limit, and will be controlled by their Magic Items - with the Avenger in charge.

Attunement: While this weapon can be used as a basic magical weapon, the per-battle and daily powers will not work without full attunement. To attune to the weapon, the weilder must spend an uninterrupted 24 hours in meditation, fasting and prayer at an altar of his/her faith after being consecrated and blessed by a priest of that faith.

Take Back the Night!: The sword glows by default when drawn, but once per battle as a quick action, the wielder can increase it's brightness output to that of a lantern. Doing this turns the blade immateriel and all damage done with the blade's attacks is considered holy damage. This can be returned to normal as a free action.

Supernova: Once per day, while Take Back the Night is active, as a quick action, the sword flashes into bright-sunlight intensity.  Make the following attack:

Target: All nearby enemies.
Attack: WIS+Level (+ weapon mod) vs PD
Hit: Targets are blinded. (Normal save ends.) Creatures vulnerable to holy damage also take WIS+Level+(weapon mod) holy damage.

Quirk: Always leaps to the defense of the innocent, and to attack evil without thought.

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