Figurines of Wonder

Written by Kenderama.

Figurines of Wonder

These small statues are rumored to have been created sometime in the 11th age, during a period of time when the High Druid and the Archmage of that era were romantically involved. The pair spent years working on these small statuettes, only to have them lost and scattered across the world during the fall of that Age.

Chakra: Wondrous Item

I Choose You!: Once per day, you can place the figurine on the ground and activate it - summoning a ghostly, full-size version of itself to assist you for one hour or for one battle. The summoned creature is treated as being two levels lower than you, (Minimum of Level 0) and uses the Ranger's Animal Companion statistics than are on p123 of the 13th Age rulebook. It always acts on your initiative, after you go. In addition, it gains a special feature based on it's type, below.

There are four different figurines, each with it's own abilities:

Bear: When engaged with the same foe as it's summoner, the Bear and the summoner gain +1/+2/+3 to AC.

Quirk: Always complaining about being cold, and is extremely difficult to wake up.

Hawk: While the Hawk is active, the Hawk and it's summoner gain a +1/+2/+3 awareness bonus to PD.

Quirk: Easily distracted by sudden movements.

Lion: The Lion and it's summoner gain a +2 defense versus all Fear attacks.

Quirk: Tends to dress much more formally than necessary, and exhorts his companions to do the same.

Wolf:  When engaged with the same foe as it's summoner, the Wolf and the summoner gain +1/+2/+3 to attack.

Quirk: Always leaps to defend the weakest member of it's team, in physical altercations as well as arguments.


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