Ring of Detonation

Written by Kenderama.

Ring of Detonation

This charred bone band is hot to the touch, and glows faintly in the dark. Long ago, legend tells that the Diabolist created this magical band in a fit of anger over being rejected by a lover.

Chakra: Finger (Champion/Epic only)

Boom, Baby, Boom!: (Daily) Once per day, as a free/interrupt action, the wearer can choose to unleash the magical energy in the ring, causing an intense, fiery detonation which does 10d6 (5d20 at Epic) points of damage to the wearer and everyone nearby. If the wearer is killed by this blast, all his equipment is destroyed, with the sole exception of this ring.

Burn, Baby, Burn!:  (1/Battle) As a quick action, before you roll your attack, you direct fiery energy from this band into an equipped melee weapon, causing an extra 3d8 (4d10 Epic) damage on a hit. If you do not connect, you take half damage.

Quirk: Prone to sudden outbursts of irrational verbal exclaimations.

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  • I really like the idea of this item, I think that the damage on the Epic version of "Boom, Baby, Boom! may be a little weak. On Average, 5d20 will be dealing 22.5 damage, and while it has a higher Max Damage then the 10d6 Champion version, the average damage on 10d6 is 35. As this item is a one use per day, (or basicaly once or twice and adventure) I would go with something closer to 10d12, or even 2d10x5. That way the average works out better for an ability that you may only see once or twice.

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