Wraps of Wrath

Written by Kenderama.

Wraps of Wrath

(Champion Tier)

These hand-wraps look like white bandages that extend from the wearer's wrist to their knuckles, and provide some basic protection from bruising. However their true purpose is unlocked only when the user is in the grips of extreme emotion, when they grant extreme reckless strength to the wearer. So, it's sort of like being really drunk.

Chakra: Hands

Don't Make Me Angry: (1/Battle) After the first time you are staggered in a battle, your damage modifier from strength doubles until the end of the battle.

You Won't Like Me When I'm Angry:  (Daily)  If you have already expended all your rage actions for the day, recover one.

Quirk: Becomes short-tempered when hurt.

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