Cloak of the Rolling Tempest

Written by Andy Raff.

Cloak of the Rolling Tempest

This sturdy woolen cloak is oiled against the elements, and usually hooded. The only sign of it's magical properties is often a clasp in the shape of a lightning bolt, cloud or roaring cheek-puffed face.

When the power of the cloak is invoked, it causes the wearer to explode into a bolt of searing lightning and near-instantaneously cross a short distance before reappearing with a deafening bang. It is often favoured by barbarians and (despite it's ostentatious nature) rogues who use the magical property to allow them to swiftly cross a battlefield, or by archers or magic-users who want to get out of a dangerou situation. Striking enemies with a small amount of tempestuous energy is just a bonus ...

Cloak, Mantle, Cape; Adventurer tier (recharge 11+)

Default Bonus: Physical defence; +1 PD (adventurer); +2 PD (champion); +3 PD (epic)

As a Move action, place yourself in a nearby location you can see. Deal 4 lightning damage to each enemy you are engaged with when you use this power (Champion: 7 damage, Epic; 10 damage). Deal the same amount of thunder damage to each enemy you are engaged with after using the power, provided they have not already taken lightning damage.

This is a teleportation effect. It is accompanied by a burst of lightning and roll of thunder, and is thus very difficult to use without attracting attention.

Quirk: Prone to outbursts of loud, explosive laughter when amused or afraid.

Variant: Cloak of the Roaring Inferno

This red cloak is usually lined with cloth-of-gold, with intricate embroidery around the hems and hood. It functions just like a cloak of the rolling tempest, but the wearer disappears and reappears in a burst of roaring flame, causing fire damage to enemies caught in the blasts.

Variant: Cloak of the Howling Blizzard

This heavy fur cloak is often decorated with pieces of scrimshawed bone. The wearer disappears in a burst of freezing wind that roars across the battlefield causing cold damage to enemies caught in it's wake.

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