Ring of Red Ruin

Written by Andy Raff.

Ring of Red Ruin

This broad golden band is set with a large fire opal surrounded by intricate filigree. The inner surface of the ring is engraved with a delicate, swirling script that defies translation.

There is said to be only one ring of red ruin. Some legends claim it dates from before the First Age, but the most common story suggests that it was crafted by the Wizard King in the years before he became the Lich King. It has been destroyed at least twice - once in a withering barrage of dragonfire, and most recently in the Tenth Age by being cast into the caldera of the volcano known as Balor - but it always seems to turn up again.

The Lich is rumoured to be very interested in the wherabouts of the ring - if it has indeed resurfaced during the Thirteenth Age - as are the Prince of Shadows, the Diabolist and the Dwarf Lord. An individual actually wielding the ring would no doubt find themselves enmeshed in the plans of these Icons - and most likely the other Icons in short order.

Ring; Epic Tier (recharge 16+)

As a standard action you can unleash a beam of searing light towards a single nearby target. Make a ranged attack roll but instead of your normal bonus roll your Intelligence bonus + 13 versus the Physical Defence of the target.On a hit the target takes 200 force damage; on a miss the target takes 100 force damage. If this damage is sufficient to reduce the target to 0 hit points, it is reduced to fine crimson dust.  

When the escalation die is 3+ you can target a far away creature with the beam. When it is 5+ you can use the ring as a quick action.

Evoking the power of the ring of red ruin does not provoke an opportunity attack.

Quirk: Incapable of tolerating disrespect or familiarity from those you consider weaker than you.


Note: This magic item is taken from the Way of Wizardry, Dragon Warriors Book 2, by Dave  Morris. This excellent role-playing game has recently been re-released and is a rich source of inspiration for any fantasy campaign world.

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