Ring of Eldritch Tempo

Written by Andy Raff.

Ring of Eldritch Tempo

A sorcerer may sometimes receive one of these useful rings as a gift or loan from one of the Icons closely associated with their arcane heritage. The appearance of the ring is often influenced by the nature of the Icon to which it is connected.

A Ring of Eldritch Tempo associated with the Archmage is a simple silver band engraved with a flame that flickers with light when the ring is used

When given by the Three, the ring takes the form of an steel band set with a ruby, a sapphire and a black opal that vibrates unpleasently when it's power is drawn on; a long-time user will eventually develop a callus or raw spot on their ring finger.

A sorcerer incautious enough to accept a Ring of Eldritch Tempo from the Lich King receives a band of cloudy, unbreakable glass that grows deathly cold when it's power is evoked.

The Elf Queen may make a gift of a ring of braided gold, orichalcum and electrum to a favoured sorcerer, especially one with elven blood. The interwoven strands of precious metal shift and coil around one another when the ring's power is used.

When the Great Gold Dragon gives one of these rings to a champion, it usually takes the form of a golden dragon biting it's own tail. The dragon roars quietly, and flexes it's wings, whenever the power of the ring is evoked.

The value of a Ring of Eldritch Tempo lies in the ability to safely predict the chaotic surge of sorcerous power. Early in a fight it might guarantee a much-needed boost to personal defences; once a battle is well underway it can help ensure a powerful surge of much-needed destructive power to help deal with a dangerous opponent.


Ring; Adventurer Tier (recharge 16+)

When you Gather Power (13th Age, page 135), instead of rolling the die to generate a chaotic benefit, you can choose to use the escalation die as your result. For example, if the escalation die were a 3, you would deal damage to nearby staggered enemies.

You can only use this power to substitute the escalation die for one chaotic benefit roll; additional rolls granted by abilities such as the Gather Power Epic Feat are rolled normally.

Quirk: Driven to ensure rival magic users are aware of your name and the names of any spells you cast - especially those you empower..

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