Ring of Sankarix

Written by shadowcentaur.

Ring of Sankarix

This red ring thrums with the blood magic of Sankarix, the Blood Drake

Ring, heroic tier

Blood Infusion (recharge 6+): Expend this power to heal using a recovery as a quick action.

Hematophage Dominion: You have mental control of any  leaches, ticks, mosquitos, and other blood-feeding animals nearby. You do not see through their eyes, but do sense when they are hurt and their basic drives, such as detecting a host. You can sense blood feeding monsters (such as vampires) nearby. You cannot control them, but they may react more positively to you.

Quirk: You are fascinated by blood spatter patterns.

Attunement: To attune to the the Ring, one must feed it a drop of blood from a named enemy. They need to have story significance of some kind, no random bandits.

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