Dead Man's Glaive

Written by Melody Haren Anderson.

[Note: This was designed for a PC in a game I am going to run, but change name and history as needed.]


Dead Man’s Glaive

This terrible weapon is a dull gray with pale lavender dwarven runes lightly glowing along the blade and iron-shod staff. The origin of this weapon is currently unknown other than Iridan found it near him among the bodies of a number of dead humans when the company found him. As both he and it were blood-spattered, the company decided it belonged to him and let him join to show his prowess in battle. The runes talk about how all are dead in battle till they earn life, and suggest how to accomplish such.


Attunement: You must spar against a greater number of opponents using live steel.

Earning Your Life Back: Always: Bonus to attacks and damage: +1 (adventurer); +2 (champion); +3 (epic).

Death Ignores the Dead: Recharge 11+: Resist Negative Energy 12+ for battle.

Gambling With the Reaper: Recharge 6+: By spending a quick action to ready yourself, you can risk death all on one blow. Any enemies you attack this turn are vulnerable to you, but you leave yourself open to attacks until the beginning of your next turn, taking a -2 to all defenses. Immediately roll to Recharge after use.

Joyous Battle: (Quirk) Battle is an amusing thing to you, prone to causing inappropriate laughter and similar actions.

Over-Attunement:When you witness someone (including yourself) critically attack another, you take a -2 to defenses (cumulative with Gambling With the Reaper) as you break down in near helpless laughter and clapping.


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