Chester's Gauntlet of Quick Escapes

Written by Covok.

Chester's Guantlet of Quick Escapes

A mishapened, black guantlet of unkown origins. It is said those who strike with it can bend the rules of time.

Item type: Gauntlet
Property: +1/+2/+3 (per tier) to melee attack rolls 
Damage Die: 1d8 per level

I'm Gonna Bop You Into Next Week!: Once per day, the wearer of this gauntlet can make a temporal distorting attack against a single target. On a hit, the attack does +1d4/+1d6/+1d8 (per tier) damage and the target makes a normal save. If the target fails the save, the target is transported forward in time and reappears in two rounds. If the target passes the save, the target is not teleported through time, but cannot attack on its next turn as the sudden burst of temporal energy has left the target reeling. Mooks are considered a single target for the purposes of this attack. If this move removes all enemy combatants from the field, the party should have a chance to flee the area before the combatants reappear. 

Quirk: The wearer of this guantlet is prone to having prohpetic dreams. While having these dreams, the wearer experiences excruiating pain and cries tears of pitch black blood. These dreams tend to be nigh unintelligeable. Ten seconds after waking up, the wearer has trouble remembering the dream. 

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