Collar of Shared Fortitude

Written by Kenderama.

Collar of Shared Fortitude

(Courtesy of Daniel Splitter on G+)
Belt chakra (ranger companion item)

The Collar of Shared Fortitude is made of supple black leather. While a humanoid could certainly wear it as a choker or a belt it is meant to be worn by an animal companion. Using this item takes up the belt chakra of the Ranger the companion belongs to.

Strong Bonds: The ranger whose pet wears The Collar of Shared Fortitude adds a recovery to their max. In addition, instead of requiring the Ranger be next to the companion for the pet to heal, the Ranger may instead simply be nearby.

Quirk and Over Attunement: Both Ranger and companion are more protective of the other. What form this takes is up to you. If over attuned, the Ranger will unnecessarily throw themselves into danger to protect their companion.



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