Birthday Hat of Blomdell

Written by Kenderama.

Birthday Hat of Blomdell

(Courtesy of ASH LAW on G+)
Crafted by the Kaspergian party-wizards of Blom's Dell, the band of this spiffy looking wizard hat becomes brightly lucent in the presence of parties.

Party Time!: Daily: At the start of each combat roll icon relationship dice. On a 5 there is mysteriously something party related nearby (cake, ale, etc) related to the icon in question. On a 6 for the rest of the battle the party related items can be used to give +1 to damage rolls or -2 to enemy saving throws (player decides which applies each round and narrates how the effect manifests). Recharge on 16+

Quirk: Attuning to this hat makes you age one year. Over-attuning makes you want rock and roll all night, and party every day (-1 penalty to skill rolls due to sleep deprivation, hangovers, pulled muscles, etc.)



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