Arm of Three Fates

Written by Kenderama.

The Arm of Three Fates

(Courtesy of Daniel Splitter on G+)

This arm made of solid gold was "bestowed" upon it's owner when he tried to rob the hoard of The Blue. Spared his life because of his extraordinary gift with words and song, the owner now wanders the land, tied to the fates within his arm.

(Please note - this takes the place of a ring chakra, and must replace one of the user's actual arms.)

The First Fate: When making any Balladeer check, the Bard must roll his The Three icon relationship die. The result is added to the roll and also acts as a regular icon roll. The spirit of a dragon cultist speaks to the Bard through the arm when this occurs.

The Second Fate: The soul of a shrewd trader speaks to the Bard when evaluating objects. Fair market price is know to the Bard for all but the rarest items.

The Third Fate: The crazed whispers of The Green invade the Bards mind. Any slight against The Three is met with immediate rebuttal, lest the Bard risk reprisal. Any refusal to at least entertain The Green or The Three's wishes impose a -2 penalty to all d20 rolls.

Quirk: The Bard must concentrate to keep his headmates quiet. Each of them likes to talk, with The Green being most forceful. Should the Bard be unfortunate enough to over attune, The Green will take over and do what she wishes.



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