Snapping Turtle Armor

Written by Kenderama.

A blue-green tracery of what looks like a scale-pattern adorns this heavy armor, and the matching concave shield fits perfectly onto the back - giving one the appearance of a two legged, armed turtle.

Item Type: Armor + Shield
Property: +2 / +4 / +6 to AC (per tier)
Special: Must be used as a pair, or bonus is negated.

Oh, Snap!: (Free Action (Interrupt), 1/Battle) When an enemy attempts to grab or restrain you in any way, you lash out in a basic melee attack, snapping your weapon out in a lighting quick strike. (This does not, however, prevent the grab/restraint.)

Shell Shield:  (Free Action (Interrupt), Daily) If struck by a critical hit, you negate the critical hit and turn it into a regular hit instead.. You become Stuck until the end of your next turn, and are unable to physically move or be moved.

Quirk: Tends to drawl and speak slowly as if very tired. 



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