Robust Loincloth of Barbaric Strength

Written by Covok.

Robust Loincloth of Barbaric Strength

This loincloth holds all the pure, unbriddled fury of a thousand barbaric warriors. Once placed over one's netheregions, they are embined with the physical power of those who love to wage battle while half-naked.

Item type: Light Armor
Property: +1 to AC, +2 to melee attack, +1d4 (Adv.)/+1d6(Champ.)/+1d8(Epic) to melee hit damage, +1 to melee miss damage
Quirk: The wearer of this loincloth can't help but scream everything they say.

Ancestor's Fury: Once per day, the wearer of this belt can make a single attack as if they were using the Barbarian Rage class feature (pg. 80). In other words, rolling 2d20 for melee and thrown attacks, taking the highest result, and having the attack critical hit if both dice roll a 11+. If the user of this loincloth is already raging, they roll 3d20 for melee and thrown attacks,take the highest result, and have the attack critical hit if 2 of the d20 roll a 11+.

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