(Adrift) Icons of the Isles

Written by LocalTrey.

In the Adrift setting most of the world is water and thus much of the setting has a nautical theme, the Icons are no exception. 


Icons for this setting in brief

Alchemist - Unraveler of the secrets of creation, holder of the philosophers stone. Working to calm the seas to keep trade and other elements of civilization intact.

Admiral - Commander of a vast fleet of town ships, usually in constant battle against the pirate kings forces and various denizens of the deep.  Usually found in the largest ship in The Wandering Fleet

Negotiator - The demon planes function on 2 things force of will/power and favor/service tokens, through a smooth tongue the Negotiator turned from a simple street mage into the leader of vast demon armies.

Cog Master - Gnome master of machines, in ages past the first Cog Master created The Grand Device, a city sized machine of immense power, the use of which ended an age before its destruction, the current Cog Master is in the process of repairing it.  Usually found in the Grand Device or the surrounding towns of Lever & Pulley.

The Water Court – With the destruction of the land the water elves rose in power among the clans this is the current elven high court.  The power changes as different families take control of the court, the current family has been in power for a while but is on the wane as the patricarch has gotten old.

Baron of the Last Bastion - Human emperor on the remaining continent in the city of Bastion.  Defender of the last pure human kingdom, he is a warrior king protecting it from various outside threats such as the ogre empire.

The Matron an Orium Dragon (red metal) she controls several of the small island chains, focused on restoring ruins from the calamity and earlier.  she is usually found on one island or another in the Drift chain of islands where she rules over her Dragonic Empire

Lava Lord -islander shaman/druidism focusing the power of fire and water to restore the land.  Located in his citadel on Tor The Ruined Isle spends much of his time restoring and expanding the island.

Eternal Emperor – an undead sorcerer working to spread his vast undersea undead army of all those who died in the last age.  Currently found in the Drowned Kingdom where he spends much of his time making more undead.

The Pirate King -pirate lord pillaging the various ships and small island villages.

The Inquisitor- the high priest of the gods, ruling from the holy city of Beacon, On a holy crusade to destroy evil, has a suspicion why the gods are silent and will do whatever it take to correct it.

The Royal Rakshasa – master manipulator of the lesser races often pitting the other icons against each other from the shadows.

The Ogre Imperator – ogres were once a glorious race until they were cursed by a god, every now and then an ogre appears that isn't cursed and does great things, this latest one has united most of the ogre clans under his rule and styles himself Imperator over his reborn Ogre Empire of old.

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