(EE) The Sorceress

Written by Andrew.

The Sorceress
Born with ten thousand lifetimes of knowledge within her, the Sorceress hails from the mysterious race known commonly as "the Sky People". For perhaps longer than even the Emerald Elysium, she has sought out the deepest and darkest secrets of the world. She is the expert on all things arcane and the power of her magic is unmatched. Many even worship her as a goddess of sorts. She uses her power to keep the world sealed off from other realms that threaten to invade it. But even with her power, she is not always successful.

Common Knowledge
The Sorceress cares little about the battles between "good" or "evil", she does not even care whether the Emerald Elysium remains or is replaced with whatever comes next. She is focused on the much larger picture that is the continued existence of a stable world. Threats unimaginable by even the Icons lurk behind barriers unseen by any mortal eyes, barriers often erected by the Sorceress.
Despite her unmatched power, she cannot be everywhere at once. She also has to prioritize larger threats to much smaller ones such as minor necromancers and warlocks roaming the lands. Nonetheless, those who do feel her wrath are often wiped entirely from the memory of the world. It would be best to never cross her.

Adventurers & The Icon
Those who study or practice the mystical arts are fascinated with the Sorceress who stands at the pinnacle of such fields. They actively seek her out. If they can manage to find her, they will find her surprisingly willing to impart to them whatever knowledge she feels they are ready for or they can prove themselves worthy of.

Both the Emperor of Scales and the Fair King support the Sorceress entirely. To rule, they both require stability in the world. Hordes of otherworldly beings marching into the Emerald Elysium would be a nightmare for each.
Similarly, because she brings stability to the world in which their own influence and power can grow, the Guildmaster and the Holy Father are ardent supporters of her cause and will provide her with all help she needs.

There are many beings whose actions rip open tears between this world and others. They seem to work diligently to undo all the work the Sorceress has done for their own benefit. Because of this the Forest Mother, the Puppetmaster and the Sisters of Sin are all enemies of the Sorceress and she often appears to punish them for their excesses.
Although the Trolls do not engage in this activity any longer, they were the first to shatter the barriers between this world and others. In fact, the Troll King believes the Sorceress is actually behind the curse the Sidhe placed upon his people as the Sidhe themselves have never again shown such capabilities. The Troll King would soon destroy the Sorceress if he could.
The Beastlords also care not for the Sorceress, the strange dark magics they use to transform themselves into ever more powerful beings has stolen by the Sorceress long ago who made the mistake of trusting them with knowledge they were not ready for. She seeks to take back this knowledge from them by any means possible.

The Sorceress is not immortal in the classic sense. She lives no longer than a human. Typically she dies of old age, but despite all her power she has been killed in the past. Once she dies, she is reborn among the Sky People in which she lives as a normal child until the age of around thirteen when her memories of her previous lives come flooding back to her. These thirteen years between the death of the Sorceress and the awakening of a new one are always a dark period for the world.

The Real Threat
All is fine, so long as the Sorceress survives and continues to keep her enemies from tearing down all the walls between this world and others. However, should she perish once again....

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