(EE) The Troll King

Written by Andrew.

The Troll King

For 10,000 years, the people the Sidhe overthrew and cursed have continued to be a plague upon the Emerald Elysium, constantly working to take back their kingdom. Although the mobs of Orcs and Forest Trolls might seem a storm of aimless violence, behind their actions lurks a sinister intelligence. Deep within the bowels of the Earth is the throne of the Troll King. From there he stirs his warriors up and grants them power to strike at his enemies.

Common Knowledge
The curse that the Sidhe placed upon the Trolls cause them to devolve, in both power and intelligence. However, the greatest of the Trolls somehow escaped this curse by binding themselves to the Earth. The great Stone Trolls live forever in darkness, for the light of the sun turns them to stone while it shines upon them-- however their intelligence, strength and magical powers have been retained.
Their leader is the Troll King. All the Troll Kings since the curse was placed have been phenomenally violent and vengeful. The Troll King seems to have no plan, instead he simply grants those of the Orcish and Troll hordes strength and power for showing remarkable obedience and enacting the most extreme violence upon the subjects of the Fair King.
His servants also include the corrupted Shadow Elves. Far more intelligent than the Orcs and Forest Trolls, they serve as his spies and assassins, carrying out tasks that require more finesse-- usually for the purpose of making towns or cities easier for his hordes to overrun.

Adventures & The Icon
The Troll King is constantly searching for those he feels can add power to his hordes and even lead them. Even those who fight most fiercely against his subjects and slay the most might find themselves one day approached by one of his emissaries with an offer that they cannot refuse.

The Troll King constant searches for allies to add strength to his war against the Fair King. As a result he has managed to find common ground with the Beastlords, the Puppetmaster, the Queen of Fear, the Sisters of Sin and even the Rebel. Perhaps more so than any of the others, he stands as a focal point for all those who wish to destroy the Emerald Elysium. However, if he ever were successful in destroying the Fair King, these allies would almost universally immediately become deadly enemies.

The main enemy of the Troll King is the Fair King. Those who support him such as the Guild Master and the Holy Father also stand as enemies to him and his cause. In addition to the current rulers of the Emerald Elysium, the Emperor of Scales has never forgotten that it is the Trolls that reduced the Dragons to the state in which they have lived for 20,000 years. Dragons don't forget and the Emperor of Scales would love to finish off the Trolls for good.
Also, as it was the Trolls who were originally responsible for opening the portals to other worlds and they continue to try to do so again to this day, they are enemies of the Sorceress. However, as they are far less successful at eroding the barriers between worlds in their current state, they are relatively low on her list of concerns.

Although the Troll King is fairly safe in the deepest recesses of the Earth with thousands of his troops positioned between himself and any would-be enemies, Troll Kings have been slain in the past. There are many great legends about a hero who slayed the Troll King-- and yet, somehow there is always a Troll King and his hordes seem to continue to grow no matter how many are killed. No one really knows why.

The Real Threat
All is fine, so long as the Troll King's forces remain disorganized, scattered and content to raid and pillage without direction or purpose. However, should he find a better way to command his troops and lead a grant march upon the Elysium....

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