(EE) The Sisters of Sin

Written by Andrew.

The Sisters of Sin
The Sisters of Sin are the rules of the Twilightlands, the region north of the Emerald Elysium. These lands are tormented by devils. The nobles here have devil blood running through their veins and are known as the Devilspawn. The Sisters of Sin sit at the top.

Common Knowledge
The three sisters are known as The Queen of Hearts, the Queen of Diamonds and the Queen of Daggers. All three of the sisters are relatively young based on their appearances, though appearances can be quite deceiving.
The Queen of Hearts is the eldest of the three. Her favored minions are the Incubi, also known as Succubi. She revels in excess. She is gluttonous, lustful and greedy beyond all reason. She turns everywhere she goes into a hedonistic paradise. Perhaps not surprisingly, she can frequently be found at festivals, particularly fertility festivals, even far from her own lands. Her physical appearance is incredibly mutable, she can appear in whatever form she thinks will most excite those who look upon her and help her get what she wants.
The Queen of Diamonds is the middle child, although most of the responsibility for ruling falls to her. She is strictly disciplined and rarely found outside her castle. She is extremely vain and considers herself to be the most beautiful woman in the world. No one dares argue with her. Partially because she has used dark magics to transform herself into the perfection of beauty and partially because she has anyone she hears so much as question it or fail to praise her enough impaled in the most painful and gruesome of manners. The field before the castle is littered with hundreds of examples of this as a warning. There are even some rumors she sacrifices young girls who might rival her beauty and somehow absorbs it from them. Her favored minions are the giant and powerful Pit Fiends.
The Queen of Daggers is the youngest of the sisters. She appears so young in fact that many would still refer to her as a child. She appears the least human of her sisters with numerous small "devil" features that aren't particular subtle, from the wings to the horns to the tail to her odd eyes and hair color. Despite all this, she remains in a way a lovely or cute girl, particularly as she seems incredibly naive, but curious, energetic and very extroverted. However, she also has no empathy. She will vivisect people rather suddenly just to satiate her curiosity, she will burn towns to the ground merely to see how the people will react, she will attack a town guard and slaughter them all merely because she was bored and felt like having a fight. Her favorite minions are the Imps that she seems to be able to simple summon to her in large masses instantly anywhere in the world.
Why anyone would want to live in a land ruled by such tyrants might seem like a mystery, but those who have been banished from the Emerald Elysium or who are consumed by hatred for the Sidhe are known to live in the Twilightlands. Furthermore, the Queens hardly limit themselves to terrorizing the people of their own lands.

Adventurers & The Icons
Those who have openly rebelled against the Sidhe or who have disobeyed their laws might find themselves banished to the Twilightlands. By default they would become subjects of the Sisters of Sin who, if they find the adventurers amusing, might ask them to perform a myriad of favors and reward them appropriately.

Although each of the three sisters have very different personalities which would lead them towards seeking out the company of very different Icons, in general throughout the ages the Sister of Sin have been closely associated with the Queen of Fear and the Troll King. They share so many common enemies that this alliance has held strongly for ages.
In order that the Twilightlands can be as successful as the Emerald Elysium, the Sister of Sin have let in the guild. The Guildmaster makes quite a lot of money off of running things in the Twilightlands to almost the same extent he does within the Emerald Elysium. This intertwined interest have made them solid allies.
Finally, the activities of the Sisters of Sin often serve the ends of the Puppetmaster. Random death and destruction work well in his favor, so he lends them his strength and support in continuing to bring their special breed of evil into the world.

The Sister of Sin have a long standing rivalry that goes back for generation and shows no sign of cooling or halting. Even though the two have every reason to unite, there is something about their kinds that just doesn't seem to work well together. The Queen of Daggers and the Raven seem to be an exception to this, but who knows how long their youthful rebellion against their house traditions will last before they too are trying to kill one another.
The Holy Father sees Devilspawn as nothing more than one more source of evil in the world that needs to be destroyed. Countless crusades into the Twilightlands have occurred, but not one of them managed to unseat the Sisters of Sin.
Their work to dominate the world with their devils has earned them both the Rebel and the Sapphire Knight as dire enemies. Although both would prefer to focus on the Emerald Elysium, they have both extended their influence into the Twilightlands to fight against the evil that is the Sisters of Sin.
Finally, as a group that constantly bring monsters from other worlds into this one, the Sisters of Sin are perhaps the highest on the list of the Sorceress' enemies. More than any other force in the world, she works to undo them.

The history of the house is a bit murky. There are almost always four Queens at any time, but no one is certain what happens to the old ones or when or why new ones appear. The current ones have only been in power for a very short time. What happened to the previous Queens and why there are only three is a mystery.

The Real Threat
All is fine, so long as the Sisters of Sin are focused on their own satisfying their own petty immediate needs. However, should ambition grow in their hearts and they seek out to expand their power....

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