(EE) The Rebel

Written by Andrew.

The Rebel
If the Fair King and his supporters are to be believed, there is not a single person with a good heart who would oppose him. But there are always those who hate to be controlled. In the name of freedom and liberty, the Rebel works to bring down those he feels are oppressing the people of the Emerald Elysium.

Common Knowledge
Long ago the Sidhe had promised the people of the Emerald Elysium freedom from the Trolls who kept them as slaves. And under their rule, the people of the Elysium have been able to move around and find their own niche on their own. However, there are those who wish to have no master besides themselves, and they have been pushing for less restrictions at every opportunity since the beginning of the Elysium.

The Rebel speaks of a world where there is no need for kings or lords, claims that every person who attempts to exercise power over another is an oppressor from whom that person should free themselves. Even when it seems that one seems to be helping or protecting another, they are really simply preventing that person from taking proper responsibility for themselves and growing to their full potential.

The Rebel takes particular issue with the taxes and tributes that the Sidhe demand of the people of the Elysium, saying that the sweat of a man's own brow belongs to him and him alone. The Rebel also sees it as a grave crime that the Sidhe accept enemies of the Elysium into their borders and give them the rights and benefits of proper hard working citizens. He has no love for Orcs, Tieflings, Lutin or similar races being allowed into the borders of the Elysium, except for perhaps the few good ones that agree with his message. This actually serves to turn a lot of those who might agree with him away. Yet, somehow he still finds thousands of followers of his ideology where ever he goes to speak or protest. And even when he commits acts of violence against the ruling class of the Emerald Elysium, it only seems to embolden his followers.

Adventures & The Icon
The Rebel is only one man and he cannot lead his campaign alone. He is constantly working to draw others into his cause. If the Adventurers seem to get on the wrong side of the Fair King once too often, he might very well approach them with ways they can contribute to his cause.

The Rebel has surprisingly few allies. Since causing trouble for the nobles can increase the power and influence of those who control the economy, the Guildmaster does support the Rebel's campaign. The Holy Father or the Sapphire Knight would support the Rebel if he were ever clearly on the side of good, but they are just as likely to oppose him.

The Fair King is the Rebel's only real enemy. Although he has disgust for many of the Icons who wish harm upon humans, in fact his activities generally serve their goals.

Throughout history countless people have taken up the role of the Rebel within the Emerald Elysium. And while they all claim inspiration from those who came before them, they often have their own personal agendas and vary greatly between whether they wish to be a peaceful non-violent protester or a revolutionary terrorist. The current one certainly tends more towards the later.

The Real Threat
All is fine, so long as the Rebel's message is primarily only words, and words that only a few crazy or antisocial people commit themselves towards. However, should he ever gain enough followers and embolden them to carry out a full scale revolution....

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