(EE) The Sapphire Knight

Written by Andrew.

The Sapphire Knight
The mysterious knight who fights for good and justice. No one knows who or what lurks behind the mask of the Sapphire Knight, but whenever his banner flies, it flies to right the heinous wrongs of the world.

Common Knowledge
The Sapphire Knight is a hero to the people. He protects the weak, he rights the wrongs and he vanquishes the evil before riding off into the sunset. He wears a distinctive full mail suit with a mask colored all brilliant ocean blue with white and gold markings. When he speaks, he is a man of few words and he somehow knows things about the situation, he knows who is in the right and who is in the wrong immediately. He never runs from battle and, though he may face tough fights, he never loses. When he appears, the day is saved.
His identity is a closely guarded secret. There are many theories about who he is, but no one knows for sure. Although the Sapphire Knight himself is a force for good, he has inspired countless copycats and pretenders who have tried to take on similar masked, mysterious identities with varying results. Pretending to be the Sapphire Knight is a popular scam.
Perhaps worse of all though, there are those with special talents or abilities who are inspired by the fact that the Sapphire Knight has made such an impact alone and try to make the same impact, but try to do it for evil. They try to do something terrible enough to attract the attention of the Sapphire Knight, and they are successful often enough that even when all the previous people who tried failed, the next one is encouraged even more.
Although the Sapphire Knight always rides alone, this isn't always necessarily technically true. Every now and again he takes on a squire, sometimes choosing the most unlikely of young adventurers. Sometimes these squires go on to become great heroes in their own right, spreading the legend of the Sapphire Knight. But, just as often, they die tragically.

Adventurers & The Icon
It is quite likely that Adventurers who try to take on evil in the world may end up fighting alongside the Sapphire Knight, or at least one of his former squires or copycats. They might also be called upon to stop a con artist pretending to be the Sapphire Knight or get drawn into a plan in an attempt to draw him out.

For reasons that are unclear, the Sapphire Knight has been favored by the Emperor of Scales. Generally he doesn't work to oppose the draconic forces nearly as much as he stands to oppose the others and when he is in dire straits, he can call upon the help of dragons.
As he always stands for justice, the Sapphire Knight is considered a staunch ally of the Fair King and the Rebel despite the later existing solely to defeat the former. The Sapphire Knight cannot create peace between the two sides, but he strikes a balance by fighting for whichever he feels is in the right at any given time.
Since the Sapphire Knight stands as a symbol for good and justice, the Holy Father loves to claim the Knight as his own. This is hardly true, however the support from the Holy Father goes far in helping the Sapphire Knight accomplish his goals.

The Sapphire Knight stands for good and justice. It should not be surprising then that all the monsters that seem to exist solely to terrorize people are enemies of the Sapphire Knight. He opposes the Beastlords, the Puppetmaster, the Queen of Fear, the Sisters of Sin and the Troll King whenever any of them seem to have created a foothold within the Emerald Elysum, although he is also quick to protect any Beastmen, Orc, Troll or Devilspawn who seems to only wish to live a peaceful existence and cooperate with others. Unlike the church, he judges people by their acts rather than by their blood and is willing to show mercy and kindness. He offers the wicked a chance at redemption over death when he can.

The Sapphire Knight has existed for a few thousand years. And everyone is pretty certain that it is not a Sidhe behind that mask. This can only mean that either the Sapphire Knight has found some way to become immortal, or that the mantle of Sapphire Knight has been passed down from one person to another through the ages. If this later is true, then the Sapphire Knight is really more of a symbol than an actual person.

The Real Threat
All is fine, so long as the Sapphire Knight is out there to stand for truth and justice. However, a legend like his could be so easily undone. If the Sapphire Knight should ever be publicly slain or, perhaps worse, unmasked.....

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