(EE) The Queen of Fear

Written by Andrew.

The Queen of Fear
Ruling from the shadows, the Queen of Fear spreads terror and chaos across the Emerald Elysium. She is the Fair King's longest and most bitter rival. With hordes of Goblins and Moon Elves under her spell, she may well soon swallow the light of the Elysium into her darkness.

Common Knowledge
When the Trolls opened the portal between this land and the Fey Realm, it wasn't just the light Fey energy that poured in-- the dark did as well. The Queen of Fear is the embodiment of that dark magic. She is the mother of the Goblins and the master of the Moon Elves. The seemingly random cruelty of each ultimately serves her purposes-- which is simply to cast the land into eternal twilight.

If the Queen of Fear had a fortress or palace, then perhaps the armies of the Sidhe could have rid her from the world long ago. Instead she moves about the land in a terrifying carnival of darkness. The path of this carnival is unknown and it only gives a few days warning about its arrival. Before the carnival arrives, the sky becomes so overcast with ominous clouds during the day making the sun itself as dim as the moon in the sky. Within this endless night the carnival arrives.

The Queen's arrival need not been death or slaughter, not like the armies of the Trolls, instead the Queen draws power from people's fears. It is quite possible for the people of the town or city to please her. By dressing up as monsters and decorating their homes to look as scary as possible, the Queen will see the people as her loyal subjects and have mercy on them. Her arrival can be sort of an odd festival. Although anyone who gets too caught up in it is likely to be swept up into the carnival as it departs and never be seen again.

However, if the people attempt to fight the Queen or shutter their doors against her and her followers, they will receive the Queen's wrath. She will kill those who attack her followers and likely leave behind a warren of Goblins to terrorize the town for generations once she leaves.

Given these two choices, it seems clear that the people would prefer to simply show her respect and join in her festival when she comes into town and then resume their business once she leaves. However, the Church of Light makes this impossible-- the fight with all their might against her darkness, slay her followers whenever possible and are likely to execute anyone who is caught joining in her festival as a heretic and traitor to the Elysium.

The Queen of Fear never stays long in any one place, always leaving before the armies of the Sidhe can be mustered and respond to her presence. She also does not venture far into the heart of the Elysium, making it safe from her influence.

Adventurers & The Icon
Although she has her favored followers in Goblins and Night Elves, she is pleased by any adventurers who seem to enjoy the darker aspects of life. Sidhe, Elves and Lutin best steer clear of her if they do not wish to be corrupted, but she is happy to have any help spreading fear and chaos across the land.

The Queen of Fear can be quite affable, earning her many allies-- particularly among those who call the Sidhe their enemies. She has a good relationship with both the Beastlords and the Sisters of Sin, though she does her best not to invite them to her carnival at the same time unless she really wishes to punish the people in the vicinity.
Although the Troll King should hate the Queen of Fear as much as he hate the Fair King, for she was equally responsible in the destruction of the Troll Kingdom, the Fair King rising and leaving her with nothing has left her in a position where they are now united in cause in desiring to see the Fair King fall and be punished for his arrogance-- even if they do not agree what should happen to the Elysium afterwards.
The Queen of Fear is also often finds herself serving the goals of the Puppeteer, though if she is even aware of this is unclear. Given she should be plenty clever enough to match wits with him, perhaps it isn't clear who is manipulating who.

The Fair King is the Queen of Fear's oldest and greatest rival. As natural enemies, they have played out their game of dark and light for as long as the Emerald Elysium has existed. In fact, the Queen of Fear seems to think this all some grand game that can never and will never end.
The Guildmaster despises the Queen of Fear and the chaos she spreads. Goblins in a town destroy the town's economy and hurt his ability to reliable run the finances of the Emerald Elysium. The Guildmaster's hatred for the Queen of Fear seems to have resulted in Dwarves generally hating Goblins with a passion surpassed only by their hatred of the Orcs and Trolls.
However, a far more dangerous enemy is the Holy Father who seeks out to destroy her and all her followers. The Holy Father leads a grand crusade against her people that is far more brutal than the conflict with the Fair King.
Not surprisingly, the Queen of Fear is almost always on the side of evil and injustice, which invariably means that the Sapphire Knight rises again and again to oppose her. He is perhaps the only Icon who has had the courage to even attack her in the heart of her own carnival.
As the Goblins terrorize the people, the Rebel feels great bitterness towards the Queen of Fear. He spends about as much time trying to uproot the Goblins as he does trying to uproot the Sidhe.

Oddly enough, there have been people who claimed to have slain the Queen of Fear in the past. However, there is no known way that the title is passed to another and no real system of heirs. This might suggests that, much like her Goblins, that the Queen of Fear is somehow reborn shortly after being slain.

The Real Threat
All is fine, so long as the Emerald Elysium stands to oppose the Queen of Fear. But should the Fair King ever fall...

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