(EE) The Holy Father

Written by Andrew.

The Holy Father
The representative of the gods of light in the form of a man, the Holy Father is the head of the church of light. He gives his sermons to the masses, rallying them to fight against the hordes of darkness. His will gives raises the fury of righteousness within the hearts and minds of the people.

Common Knowledge
The Holy Father is the head of the Church of Light, the main religion of the Elysium. Their priests and missionaries are found everywhere throughout the land, protecting the weak, giving to the poor and rebuilding what the darkness has destroyed. They have made their church ubiquitous with the concept of good. Nearly every right-minded person within the Elysium at least claims ownership to the Church, even if they spent no time in its halls and cathedrals, and owns a copy of their holy scriptures, even though even members virtually never read it.
The Church claims a position of moral authority above that of even the Sidhe, however the Holy Father is also the most adamant supporter of the Fair King, for there can be no doubt that the rule of the sidhe keeps everyone safe from the dangerous monsters that would otherwise destroy them.
The position of Holy Father has been passed down through the years and some of the past ones have been quite extreme. Because of the words of past Holy Fathers, the Church is not good to all. Worship of any other religion is considered to be heresy, and extremists have burned people alive when it was believed that they were bringing evil to their villages by doing so. Official doctrine preaches that evilness lies in the blood of the “unclean peoples”, which means that roaming bands of Paladins have gone from town to town, ripping peaceful Orcs, Tieflings, Goblinkin and others from their homes and executing them in the square for the crime of existing. Although the church does not endorse or encourage the actions of these extremists, neither does it condemn them in any meaningful way. For, after all, all Holy Fathers are infallible.

Adventurers & The Icon
It is likely that within the adventuring party there will be a member who at least loosely belongs to the Church of Light. The Church of Light is always looking for capable members who can show their devotion and faith by carrying out any number of tasks. These will usually involve fighting back the darkness in some manner. However, it is possible that the Holy Father might ask adventurers to stop the actions of extremists before they do irreparable damage to the church. Those who have earned his trust might even be asked to see that some of the darker secrets of the Church of Light do not get out.

The closest and most important ally of the Holy Father by far is the Fair King. The Holy Father is one of the Fair King's most trusted confidants. Through his relationship with the Fair King, the Holy Father can see that good prevails across the Emerald Elysium.
However, the Holy Father has also been known to support the Rebel and his forces as well. Since the Rebel too is fighting for what seems to be the good of the people, the Holy Father feels that both sides of this conflict are within the grace of the light.
It should not be surprising that the Holy Father is also a great supporter of the Sapphire Knight, even going so far as to claim that the Sapphire Knight is part of the Church of Light although there is no evidence to this effect. Nonetheless, even when the Sapphire Knight does oppose the Church of Light, it tends to be the same extremists the Holy Father himself would oppose if it would not diminish his own position.
The Holy Father is also a great supporter of the work of the Sorceress, doing all he can to assist her in her mission of protecting the world. Although he wishes she would open her ears to the gods, he feels she is still doing their work.

The Holy Father works hard to rid the land of evil. Goblins, beastmen, devilspawn, orcs, trolls-- they are all wicked things in the eyes of the church and should be removed from the world. Although the church has attempted to become more tolerant of members of races who wish to join the Elysium, the Holy Father leads an endless crusade against their leaders.
The Beastlords, the Puppetmaster, the Queen of Fear, the Sisters of Sin and the Troll King-- they are all viewed by the Holy Father and his church as forces of great evil in this world that he seeks the utter destruction of in order that good may prevail in the world. He makes no distinction between which are worse than others and followers of any are quickly put to the sword by his clerics and paladins whenever they have such an opportunity.

The Holy Father was born to a very poor family and he owes all that he has to the church. He grew up within it from the time he was a small child. He has seen all aspects of the Church and though he sees it as an extension of himself in some ways, he also has seen the underbelly of such a large organization. He has seen priests abuse their power over the people for every imaginable end. He knows that not everything within their doctrine is as good as he says it is, but despite this the church does quite a lot of good and is only capable of doing so as long as the people believe in the Church. He cannot question the very doctrine that gives him the right to the power he wields.

The Real Threat
All will be fine, so long as the church remains held in high regard by the people and the Holy Father can keep the extremists within the Church in check. However, should they start a great crusade, should he himself become corrupted by his power or should the Church fall out of favor with the people…

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