(EE) The Forest Mother

Written by Andrew.

The Forest Mother
The mistress of the wild and the first of all the Dryads, the Forest Mother fiercely protects and defends nature in both its most pleasant and most brutal of aspects.

Common Knowledge
Deep in the heart of the Golden Pine forest lives the first Dryad, the mother of all Dryads and the grandmother of Elves. It is said she is as ancient as the trees itself, but one of the most beautiful sights to behold should one ever lay eyes upon her. Though she can be the kindest, most gentle and most nurturing person in the world to those who are friends of the wild, she can also be one of the most terrifying and startling enemies to those who destroy nature. All Druids and most Rangers serve the Forest Mother, however indirectly it might be.
Unfortunately for the people of the Emerald Elysium, the progress they make building their cities, making their weapons, fighting against the encroaching monsters and generally working to make their lives longer and more comfortable, this all comes at a great cost to nature. The Sidhe are known to enforce very strict rules on those who live closest to the edge of forests and other wilds that contain a great variety of plant and animal life when it comes to hunting, wood gathering, and clearing land for farming. Those who disobey, often ignorantly, are liable to experience the more horrific side of nature when the Forest Mother comes for vengeance.

Adventurers & The Icon
The Forest Mother constantly needs help defending the forest, both from forces of evil and from forces of good. And for all her power within places of pure nature, she and her Dryads cannot travel far beyond the forests to fight their enemies. She will seek the aid of any who seem to have deep respect for the natural world.

Although it was never their intention, the Beastlord's creation of the beastmen often serve as troops for the Forest Mother's own agendas as they do for their own. This means that the Forest Mother is quite happy to let the Beastlords do as they please within her forests and provides them a measure of protection against their enemies.
The Forest Mother considers the Fair King something of a brother. Their spirits are formed from the same energy. She supports the existence of the Emerald Elysium, even if she has to punish his subjects for abusing nature on occasion. Enemies of the Fair King are almost always enemies of the Forest Mother.

The activities of the Guild Master often cause a great deal of destruction to nature. Particularly his activities of cutting lumber, building trading posts and expanding towns and cities. His desire to bring order to the world directly threatens the children of the Forest Mother and she is at constant war with the Guild.
The plans of the Puppeteer have not escaped the Forest Mother's notice. His desire to extinguish life and bring a sickly order to things disgusts her. Undead that wander into her territory meet a quick and often brutal and gruesome end very quickly.
Finally, although they might have found common ground in many cases, the activities of the Forest Mother do weaken the barriers between the Feywild and the mortal world. This makes her a natural enemy of the Sorceress who diligently works to try to prevent such things from happening. The Sorceress has been known to cull the children of the Forest Mother when their fey energy has built up too much.

The Dryads are created of the same light fey magic that the Sidhe have. However, for reasons unknown, they could not form solid bodies on their own. Instead their spirits were bound to trees. The true form of the Forest Mother is the enormous Tree of Life in the center of the Golden Pine forest. Dryads are born from the seeds of that tree, scattered far and wide by animals. Elves were born when the projections of those Dryads took human lovers and gave birth to the resulting offspring, something that still happens to this day.
The Druid orders were formed by those who worshiped the Forest Mother almost as a god and submitted themselves entirely to her will. Many believe they draw their power directly from her blessings.

The Real Threat
All is fine, so long as the people of the Emerald Elysium respect nature and the Tree of Life remains guarded and protected from all who would do her harm. Unfortunately, the march of civilization may stop for no one.

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