(EE) The Fair King

Written by Andrew.

The Fair King
The ruler of all the good folk, the holy, righteous, good king rules over the Emerald Elysium treating all with kindness and fairness. At least that’s what you say openly when questioned about it. But, if he should ever choose to accelerate his plans and muster his forces….

Common Knowledge
Long, long ago the Trolls once ruled over what is now known as the Emerald Elysium with an ironfist. Their rule was a time of darkness and horror. It ended quite unexpectedly by an enemy the Trolls brought into this world themselves. In researching ever greater magic, the Trolls ripped open a portal to the Feywild, letting the Sidhe into this world. The Sidhe undid the rule of the Trolls, placed horrific curses upon them and drove them into hiding in the deepest, darkest recesses of the land. The Sidhe then created a new kingdom in this world, taking the Troll’s former slaves as their own people to protect and lead. This new kingdom was called the Emerald Elysium.
For the most part it is true that virtually all the good people in the Elyssium are content to live under the rule of the Fair King. Most of those who take up bow and blade do so in his service, fighting against the multitude of forces that threaten to shatter the peaceful paradise the Sidhe have created.
However, there is one aspect of the Elyssium that causes internal strife. The Laws within the Elysium get ever more strict with even more brutal punishments the closer one gets to its heart. The Fair King does his best to keep his people ignorant and naïve, he restricts their travel and quickly hushes any signs of rebellion or discontent, since his enemies literally feed on that. Discontent has grown over the centuries and seems now to be threatening to rip the peaceful land apart.

Adventurers & The Icon
The Fair King is the easiest of the icons to serve. Almost all humans, dwarfs, elfs, gnomes and other good folk live under the rule of the sidhe already, at least to some degree recognize him as the king. Although he prefers to send his own knights out on missions of real importance, the sidhe are too few and far between to handle all the things the Fair King needs done. He is not at all above having tasks that are considered too mundane, too trivial, or too needlessly dangerous to the lesser folk to carry out.

Although disputes can arise between the subjects of the Emerald Elysium and the denizens of the forest, the Fair King and the Forest Mother have a bond deeper than blood. He will always choose to side with her on any dispute and the Sidhe work hard to see that the lesser races respect the boundaries of the wild.
The Guildmaster is an important ally of the Fair King. Without his diligent work, the Emerald Elysium could not be rich enough to support the Fair King's armies and would likely soon fall to shambles. The Fair King realizes this and grants the Guildmaster quite a lot of leeway to handle the economic activity in the Elysium in the way he sees fit.
The Holy Father has always been close to the Fair King. They strike an interesting balance, the Fair King ruling by right of his righteous and pure blood and the Holy Father giving insight into the desires of the gods of light and goodness. Although the Fair King has centuries of experience, he has been known to turn to the Holy Father for advice and in return does much to support the Church of Light.
When villains spread evil within the Elysium and the Sidhe simply seem unable to root it out, the Sapphire Knight comes to the rescue. Although the Sapphire Knight will at times stand against the interest of the Fair King, even in such times the Fair King can respect the Sapphire Knight standing up for justice and he is indispensable as an ally.
Finally, it should go without saying that the Fair King has great interest in supporting the work of the Sorceress. With all the enemies the Emerald Elysium has, he can ill afford monsters swarming in from other worlds to destroy the peace he has brought to the lands.

The list of the Fair King’s enemies is long. As the most powerful and influential of all the Icons, many wish to take the Fair King's head. It is a miracle he has survived so long.
The Beastlords and their wild creations seem to exist merely to bring constant destruction and chaos to the Elysium. The Fair King fights fiercely against them whenever he can spare the forces. However, it seems that the more beastmen they slay, the more powerful ones the Beastlords create to replace them.
The Emperor of Scales seeks to destroy the Elysium and revive his old empire of Dragons ruling over draconic races. As the Emperor of Scales' long term goals involve the destruction of the Fair King and all his subjects, he and his followers are treated as dire enemies.
The Fair King is plenty old and well informed enough to grasp the plans of the Puppetmaster fully. He has worked hard to stop his subjects from succumbing to the Puppetmaster's evil and has his troops sweep in to respond immediately to any sightings of undead lest they spread out of control.
The Queen of Fear and the Fair King are ancient rivals, they are yin and yang, light and darkness. Their war and rivalry is ceaseless, although the Fair King seems to also recognize her as a lesser threat and usually focuses on others before her.
The Rebel has been brought into being by the Fair King's attempts to keep his subjects safe from his many enemies, particularly the Puppetmaster and the Queen of Fear. His existence as a force to fight all attempts to create the necessary order in the land to fight the chaos is a thorn in the Fair King's side.
Finally, the enemy that hates the Fair King the most is undoubtedly the Troll King. The rise of the Sidhe damaged the Trolls in a way that will never be forgiven. Heroes in the past have slain Troll Kings on behalf of the Fair King in the past, but there always seems to be another. For 10,000 years the Fair King has been lucky to escape the constant attempts by the Trolls to get their revenge.

No one is really sure whether there have been several Fair Kings or if it has always been the one since the Trolls were first overthrown. No one ever refers to the king by name, often calling him simply “the king” or “his majesty”. There are dozens of fairy tales about various princes and princesses passed down through the ages, but not a one about a person ascending to the throne. It is known that there have been many Queens throughout the years, in fact it seems as though the palace searches for a new wife for the king all too frequently. It is also known that somehow the king remembers every slight against him, every favor done for him and every hero of the kingdom throughout all the history of the Emerald Elysium. At least that’s what people claim and there have been times when the Fair King showed someone favor for the acts of a family member centuries ago.

The Real Threat
All is fine as long as the Fair King continues to rule over his people kindly and justly. With so many enemies looking to assassinate him and the actions of his enemies causing him to become ever more strict…

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