(EE) The Emperor of Scales

Written by Andrew.

The Emperor of Scales
The greatest of all the dragons; the master of all the scaly ones. He plots patiently and makes his moves carefully to take back this world he believes is his once more.

Common Knowledge
In the ancient past, the Dragons ruled over all the land. The world was a paradise for draconickind until the darkness of the Trolls rose up and broke the back of their empire. Their numbers driven down, the dragons chose to either escape beyond the boundaries of the land or to go into hiding, quietly watching as the world went on, served by their smaller kin. Over time the dragons once again grew bolder and they made contact with one another, forming bonds and a hierarchy once again. The greatest of all the dragons is the Emperor of Scales.
The majority of Dragons, Kobolds, Lizardmen, Dragonspawn and other draconickin serve the Emperor of Scales indirectly in some fashion, but his they have quite a lot of autonomy. He plots a game far longer than mortals can hope to comprehend. His moves are careful, concise and calculated. He occasionally acts in such a way that people could see him as a force for good, but no real secret is made that his long-term goal is to wipe out all humanoid life besides his followers and worshippers and seize control of the Emerald Elysium once again.
Virtually no one has ever laid eyes upon the Emperor of Scales, but the general consensus is that he lives out beyond the Swamps of Desolation and the Dragonswrath Desert in the World’s End Mountains. Yet even from such an unfathomable distance away, his power and influence can be fel.

Adventurers & The Icon
Although he has hordes of draconic kinsmen at his disposal, the Emperor of Scales often sponsors and rewards missions carried out by adventurers of all kinds. His missions will often involve doing things that seem to serve the general good of all people, whether it be stopping or preventing demonic incursions or unraveling the sinister plots of other Icons. However, there is always a twist to these as the result will make life easier for Dracoickin or even weaken the Elysium’s defenses against his kind in ways that might not be immediately apparent.

Although the activities of the minions of the Emperor of Scles is chaotic, the Emperor of Scales has a good deal going with the Guildmaster, trading ancient treasures for food, weapons and support. This activity is generally kept quiet since most in the Elysium would not take kindly to it.
The Sapphire Knight also has an unusual relationship with the Emperor of Scales. When the Knight is in dire need of help, he has been known to be able to call upon Dragons for support. What the Knight does in exchange for this favor is unclear.
Finally, as the Emperor of Scales has interest in keeping the world intact rather than seeing it overrun by monsters from other worlds, the Emperor of Scales is a great supporter of the Sorceress and more than willing to lend her his strength.

The Fair King holds domain over the Emerald Elysium, land that the Emperor of Scales wants back. But rather than constant warfare, the Emperor of Scales tends to take actions to undermine his authority.
The Emperor is also one of the few prescient enough to understand and grasp the plans of the Puppetmaster. The Emperor has no intention of allowing the Puppetmaster to extinguish all life as his own kind have been occasionally transformed into the terrible Dracoliches.
Since there is little doubt that the Emperor of Scales intends to exert control over the people and the lives of his own people are valued even less than the servants of the Fair King, the Rebel is a natural enemy of the Emperor of Scales and seeks to free the Emperor's armies from his control.
Finally, although the Troll King no longer controls the lands of the Elysium, the dragons will never forget what the Trolls have done to them. There will be no mercy or respite for the Troll King from the Emperor of Scales.

There is every reason to believe that the Emperor of Scales is so old that he was actually lived during the time when the Trolls conquered the land. This would place him over 20,000 years old. This could merely be a false assumption, but there can be little doubt that the Emperor of Scales is perhaps the oldest and most powerful living thing.

The True Danger
All will be fine, so long as the plans of the Emperor of Scales continue to be very long term and his forces continue to act primarily autonomously.

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