Doubling Down on Escalation

Written by John M..

Doubling Down on Escalation

Rationale: These are relatively obvious extensions to the Escalation Die.


"Hey! We won't be able to hold off these m$@%%er-f&*^ing orcs much longer! How long until you get that f**&ing chest open?"
"Right ... about ... now!"

If the player character is using a background skill in the middle of combat, and it isn't directly in support of a player character's attack or defense, let them apply the escalation die to the background/skill check.

"Alright, guys. At the other end of that hallway and through those doors, lies the Demon Lich. It has to be killed, or it's plans to unstopper the Abyss and let loose all the demons will succeed. The 13th Age will end, and the world won't see civilization again until the dawn of the 15th age. There is no going back. There is no one else, just us. But we CAN! And WILL! Defeat it! Are you with me!"

If every player agrees to spend one half their maximum total recoveries (round down), or all their recoveries if they have fewer than that remaining, increase the size of the escalation die from a d6 to a d8. Any talents, abilities, powers, etc. that trigger on a 6, now trigger on a 6+.

Comments:The first rule shouldn't be allowed in conjuction with Fleeing, which should be handled as described. For the second rule, increasing the escalation die size should be both expensive and a party level action, so be leary of descreasing the cost, or allowing it through a player ability. Overall, increasing the escalation die will allow the group to handle slightly thougher opponents than normal - which comes with its own inherent dangers (that are exacerbated by the costs involved), so be careful.

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