Simpler point buy

Written by Martin K.

You get 16 points to buy your ability scores using the chart below. The result is exactly like the standard 28-point buy, it's just faster.

18 14
17 11
16 8
15 6
14 4
13 3
12 2
11 1
10 0
9 -1
8 -2



Why not make 10 the zero point of point buy? Then 11 is 1 point, 12 is 2 points... easy right? Very quick to remember. And since every stat is 2 points cheaper, you can reduce the total amount by 6x2 = 12 points, from 28 to 16.

I've spelled it out above. You generate exactly the same stats as with the 28 point buy, it's just faster.

This has been bugging me ever since 3E came out...


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  • Since I am the head gm for my table I just use an elite array of 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10 this is a 28 point buy! However, it also fixes trying to rember the above point buy chart, and they get this array before any bonuses are applied from race or class which makes a first level character will have the best stats possible for a hero. It also means that, our hero will more than likely have two week stats the 11 and 10 and two high stats with probably a 17, and a 16, thier are other possibles as well. I saw one of my players put 15,dex, then put the 13 in con with race to a 15 and then put a 16 in strength and boost it with class bonus to 18 so he could do +4 damage and have a good dex and a good con as a barbarian fighter sense he was not going with any armour except light armor which we called hide armor which i was cool with. This is a balanced array we have been playing with this option sense last july, and it gives a player a chance to make a solid character with a few weakness for them to over come usually by 4th level the game runs very smooth when they get thier first level up they will generally make all thier odds evens with thier +1's which I am good about because it does show growth of both character and player!

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