Ryven's Stunt System

Written by Ryven Cedrylle.

When a character rolls a natural 16 or higher on an attack roll, she may create a stunt from the attack by spending a quick action. The stunt can have one of four effects.

* Maximize damage dice (once per PC per encounter). This variant is good for justifying called shots, complicated combos and power attacks.  Example:  "I use the rock in front me as a jumping-off point, kicking the goblin square in the chest as I do. It falls backward and I come down on top of it, lance point first."

  • * Inflict a minor condition that a save can end (once per PC per encounter). Official conditions allowable are stuck, grabbed, vulnerable and hampered. Other more situational conditions are better. Example: "My Ray of Frost is so cold that it interferes with the gaseous form of the vampire, allowing it to be struck with normal weapons again. The vampire is condensed (save ends)."
  • * Add a Background to your character's next attack roll. Example: "I've seen this style of fighting before and I know where the next opening is going to be. +3 to my next attack from Fencing Afficianado."


  • * Add a Background to your character's defenses against the next incoming attack. Example: "I step in to attack, sneaking my foot underneath the leg of the table. Next time my opponent swings, I can kick it up in front me as kind of a weird flying shield. +2 to my AC against the next melee attack from Drank In Every Bar in Axis."


Optional Rule: The number required to stunt decreases as the Escalation die increases. Thus a stunt is 16+ at escalation 0, 15+ at escalation 1, 14+ at escalation 2, etc.

Optional Rule: A PC may, during her move action, spend her quick action to roll a d20 with no modifiers. This is called a Maneuver and allows her to create a stunt to boost her next attack or defense roll if the die rolls the required stunt value. The quick action is simply lost if the stunt roll does not pay out. Example: "Archer's still on my tail, right? Fine. I'll head for those trees over there, moving in a zig-zag pattern to further mess with her shot. +2 to AC for Wild Tracker"

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