The League of Boot and Trail

Written by Derek.

The League of Boot and Trail: the league is a semi secret organization loosely based around the church of Marthammor Duin, a dwarven deity of travel, wilderness, and storms. The league consists of dwarves, humans, half orcs, and halflings who work to explore, map, and protect the fringes of the empire. They don't want to neuter the wild like the empire does, they seek only to make roads and trails passable for travelers. The High Druid is fond of their trails and roads and she respects their care for nature. The Elf Queen, and the elves see them as vagrant Barbarians but ignore them if they stay out of their lands. The emperor, the Arch mage, the prince of shadows, the Lich king, and the priestess generally ignore them. The crusader wants their knowledge of the locations of hellmouths and living dungeons, but they dislike his methods. The Orc Lord and the Diabloist see the league as a minor threat to their goals. The Great Gold Wyrm and the Three are not aware of the Leagues "no dragon is a good dragon" policy, if they were it would go poorly for the League. Their most complicated relationship is with the dwarf king, he uses their knowledge and expertise but dislikes their existence on the fringe of dwarven society, and consequently the fringe of his authority. The League fights monsters and explores the wild. The civilized world is not aware of the good they do.

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