Bard / Wizard Feat - Charm Person

Written by Melody Haren Anderson.

As a note, these were developed for my bard character, so have a slight bard slant to them, but likely could work for Wizards.

Adventurer: When you cast Charm Person with an action of a specialty type you choose when you take the Feat (which may or may not require a roll, as per GM fiat), they require a hard save to break when committing acts they would normally find offensive.

Example: Rashel tends to use seduction and touch in her charming, so when she does so, the subject is bound even more tightly than normal.

Champion: You can cast Charm Person on yourself as sort of an illusion that makes you seem to be a general friend to a group or community, one of them in fact.

Epic: When you are attacked, the people you have charmed have a +2 and +3d6 damage to attack those who attack you as their passions are enflamed.

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