Escalation Fanzine - INDEX

Written by Heath Glandon.

The following issues are included in this index:

Escalation 1: Miscellany - Summer 2017
Escalation 2: Horror - Fall 2017
Escalation 3: Festival - Winter 2017
Escalation 4: Giants in the Earth - Spring 2018
Escalation 5: Glorantha - Summer 2018
Escalation 6: The Underworld & Dungeons - Winter 2018
Escalation 7: The Divine - Fall 2019


My goal for this index is twofold. First, I want to group things together topically for easy reference. Second, I want to generate wider interest in the Escalation fanzine by revealing the impressive contents. I have done my best to be accurate but there must be errors, missed items, and especially missed artists. I welcome additions, corrections, and gold pieces. All of which can be sent to:

Heath Glandon
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Last revision: 2021-03-02

Topical Index


Adventure hooks (see Encounters, plot hooks)

Adventures (see Encounters)

Ages, previous

Undermarch, 6.73


advice for using in 13th Age, 7.71

chaotic evil (be the hero of your story, stand strong and proud), 7.73

chaotic good (make the world better for everyone, even for those who disagree), 7.73

chaotic neutral (show others what true freedom is), 7.73

lawful evil (success gives others something to aspire to), 7.72

lawful good (protect society by upholding the law) 7.72

lawful neutral (safeguard the future by honoring the past) 7.72

neutral evil (protect your people, no matter the cost), 7.73

neutral good (try to do the right thing, even when it’s hard to tell what that is), 7.72

neutral neutral (don’t cause problems, solve them), 7.72

Assassin troupe faction, 2.11, 4.47-49


Blessings given by gods, minor and major, randomized, 7.84-94


Celebrations (see Festivals)

Classes, new and expanded

Barbarian talents, for characters tinged with lycanthropy, 7.5-10

all werebeasts

E: Moonjinx, 7.9

werebear talents

A: Mauling Grasp, 7.7

C: Tenacious, 7.8

wereboar talents

A: Elongated Tusks, 7.7

C: Stampede, 7.9

wererat talents

A: Razor Claws, 7.7

C: Slippery, 7.9

weretiger talents

A: Racking Paws, 7.8

C: Bounder, 7.9

werewolf talents

A: Ravenous Jaws, 7.8

C: Snatcher, 7.9


as spiritual advisors, 7.28

bestowing blessings, 7.27

binding oaths, with plot hooks, 7.24-27

blood promises, 7.27

vows of marriage, 7.25-26

vows of obedience, 7.26

divination as plot hook, 7.28

domains (see Domains)

exorcism, 7.27-28

non-combat duties and rituals, 7.23-28


Crown Abbeys, community order, 7.24

Crown Hospitallers, martial order, 7.24

Enlightened Voices, itinerant order, 7.24

Glittering Choir, community order, 7.24

Hearth Order, community order, 7.24

Migratory Flock, itinerant order, 7.24

Pillars of Faith, community order, 7.24

Swordbearer’s Legion, martial order, 7.24

psychopomp, 7.27


Beneficent Smite (ranged attack + heal), 7.74

Canticle of Mercy (ally receives standard action), 7.75

Damn (retaliation attack), 7.75

Exalted Visions (automatic crit), 7.76

Exemplar’s Parable (control mob of mooks), 7.83

Forgotten Lore (better attacks against one creature type), 7.76

Glory of Life (healing after every turn), 7.77

Hallowed Ground (enemy makes death saves instead of ally), 7.77

Intercession of Adoration (group attack and AC bonuses), 7.78

Lament of Beauty (enemy receives reciprocal damage), 7.78

Mantle of Celestial Armor (group defense bonus), 7.79

Needs of the Many (group healing), 7.79

Orison of Potency (attacks use incremented dice), 7.80

Radiant Halo (automatic damage each turn), 7.80

Refrain of Light (close-quarters attack + heal), 7.81

Trickster’s Prickle (enemy attacks itself), 7.82

Untempered Illusion (draws enemies to particular location), 7.82

Wargasm (crit range expands for group), 7.83


Authority, targeted enemy, 7.20

Survival or Anti-External, focus on extra-planar entities, 7.13

Glorantha classes, using in Dragon Empire , 5.30-32

Hell mother, spirit shaman, 5.29

Humakti, 5.30-31


domains (see Domains)

religious affiliations

Dance, 7.13

Storms, 7.13

Worms and Ecstasy, 7.13

(see Gods and religions)


A: Astral Sink, 7.14

A: Corrupted Champion, 3.6

A: Death Knight, 3.7

A: Fist of the Crusader, 3.7

A: Glory of the Empire, 3.9

A: Golden Legion, 3.9

A: Grey Guard, 3.10

A: Guardian of the Vault, 3.11

A: Inquisitor, 3.11

A: Lawful Good, 3.12

A: Lightbringer, 3.12

A: Paladin Special Mount, 3.13

A: Stormhammer, 3.14

A: Valiant of the Star Court, 3.14

C: Champion of War, 3.15

C: Cleansing Touch, 3.15

C: Radiant Presence, 3.15

E: Shield of Devotion, 3.16

E: Winged Smite, 3.16

E: Zeal, 3.16

storm voice, 5.32

uzko-specific classes (dark troll)

adept, healer, 5.27

necromancer, bone shaman, 5.27

warrior, gladiator, 5.27

Warlock, 2.14-23

basic attacks, 2.17

class features, 2.17

Let’s Make a Deal, spell, 2.20

Master of Bargains, power, 2.19

class talents, 2.21

pacts, 2.21-22

pursuit of knowledge, 2.23

trial by combat, 2.23

gear, 2.16

level progression, 2.15

magic progression, 2.19

overview, 2.14

stats, 2.16

Warrior, D&D 4E style fighter, 6.25-36

basic attacks, 6.28

class features, 6.29

Extra Tough, 6.29

Power Strike, 6.29

class talents, 6.29

Cathedral’s Charger, 6.30

Combat Maneuver, 6.33

Dirty Fighting, 6.32

Eldritch Blade, 6.31

Fist of the Overworld, 6.32

Knight’s Protection, 6.31

Path of the Defender, 6.29

Path of the Slayer, 6.29-30

Shadow’s Herald, 6.30

Throwing Specialist, 6.33

Underworld’s Grasp, 6.33

Weapon Master, 6.31

gear and weapons, 6.26

level progression, 6.27-28

overview, 6.25

stances, 6.34-36

Battle Rage, 6.36

Defensive Formation, 6.34

Duelist’s Dance, 6.34

Relentless Charge, 6.35

Shadow Port Hustle, 6.34

Slippery Foot, 6.36

Sniper’s Mark, 6.36

Steady Hand, 6.36

Strike the Anvil, 6.35

Whirling Dervish, 6.35

Wind lord, 5.31

Zorak Zorani, berserker, 5.28

(see Classes for Glorantha)

Classes for Glorantha, new and expanded

abomination, 5.14-16

fateweaver, 5.10-12

psion, 5.19

savage, 5.8-9

swordmage, 5.16-18

using Glorantha classes in Dragon Empire , 5.30-32

warlock, 5.12-14

(see Glorantha)

Conditions for characters

lycanthropy, 2.8-9, 7.5-10

Creatures (see Monsters and creatures)


Domains (see Classes new and expanded, Domains)

Dungeon tiles (see Maps and play areas)



applying icon relationship dice, 1.4-5, 1.22

balancing party strength, 1.6-7

escalation die, creative uses for, 4.38-42 (see Escalation die)

factions as narrative for nameless bad guys, 2.10-11

horror, incorporating elements of, 2.4-7

non-combat encounters

cleric-centered, 7.24-28

playable encounters

Belly of the Beast, digestive juices and parasites, 6.18

Big Chill, frozen river cave, 6.12

Cob’s Path, web-filled pit, 6.7

Danger Danger, High Voltage, everbright crystal cave, 6.8

Deja Voodoo (and Double-View), space and time warped cavern, 6.13

Dragon Cave-In, trapped dragon desires rescue, 6.15

Empty ‘V’, undead intersection, 6.9

Fungus Among Us, helpful and harmful fungus, 6.17

Geode Road, geode cave, 6.10

Heiligen’s Shrine, lava pits, 6.16

Lich’s Throne, treasure room, 6.11

Thirteenth Cavern, underground river, 6.19

To the Bat Cave, bat people outpost, 6.14

plot hooks, 6.5-6, 6.59, 7.26-28, 7.41

religious followers, random customs of, 7.67-70

(see Maps and play areas; Running the game)

Escalation die, creative uses for, 4.38-42

Aggro, attack bonus against only a single enemy, 4.41

By This Die I Rule, cripple enemy with an attack penalty, 4.40

Calling the Valkyries, bonus for unusual stunts, 4.39

Doom Clock, crit ranges increase after 6+, 4.40

Dreaded Foe, only one player can use the die each round, 4.41

Favor of Fickle Gods, bonus decreases from 6, 4.41

Hard Escalation Die, and Dark Sun variant, limits when the die advances, 4.40

No Seat in Valhalla, reset to 0 in order to escape death, 4.39

Rising Momentum, bonus also applies to initiative rolls, 4.41

Super Sentai Finisher, pass compounding bonuses to other players, 4.39

Swashbucklers & Flying Warriors, players use Swashbuckler talent, 4.41

Tides of Battle, table of random effects for each round, 4.41

Exorcism, 7.27-28



as narrative for nameless bad guys, 2.10-11

Shadows of the Abyss, assassin troupe faction, 2.11, 4.47-49

Feasts (see Festivals)

Feats associated with icons


A: Arcane Dilettante, use cantrips, 4.34

C: Inspired Understanding, reroll an intelligence check, 4.34

E: Planeswalker, traveling through Overworld paths, 4.34


A: Demon Slayer, take damage to reroll a miss, 4.35

C: Scars That Won’t Heal, bonus to saves, 4.35

E: Scream of Vengeance, increase escalation if receive critical hit, 4.35


A: Mark of the Diabolist, easier demon-related skill checks, 4.35

C: Foolish Bargain, gain an additional power, 4.35

E: Dibs on Her Favorite, Diabolist will protect, 4.35

Dwarf King

A: Hearty as a Dwarf, better recovery, 4.35

C: Treasures of the Forge, bonus to magic item recharge, 4.35

E: Steady as a Rock, bonus defenses, 4.35

Elf Queen

A: Sparks of Glamour, bonus to skill checks, 4.35

C: Mantle of the Moon, bonus to save, 4.35

E: Guiding Star Light, bonus on attack, 4.36


A: Presence of Authority, bonus to nearby skill checks, 4.36

C: Rightful Rule, attack bonus, 4.36

E: Imperial Dignity, ignore all effects for one turn, 4.36

Great Gold Wyrm

A: Believer in Truth, easier to detect lies, 4.36

C: Radiant Presence, more difficult for enemies to disengage, 4.36

E: Claw of the Exalted One, deal holy damage, 4.36

High Druid

A: Beast Friend, reroll nature-related skill check, 4.36

C: Voices of the Wild, speak with animals, 4.36

E: Wild Walk, assume animal shape, 4.36

Lich King

A: Souls for the Bone Throne, heal when enemy is killed, 4.36

C: Medium, speak with the dead, 4.36

E: Walk Among Servants, difficult for undead to attack, 4.37

Orc Lord

A: Appetite for Destruction, reroll destroy checks, 4.37

C: Savagery, bonus to miss damage, 4.37

E: Driven by Pain, attack bonus while receiving ongoing damage, 4.37


A: Martyrdom, suffer ill effect instead of an ally, 4.37

C: Blessed Healing, bonus roll to ally’s recovery, 4.37

E: Gift of Life, bonus roll when failing saving throw, 4.37

Shadow Prince

A: Master Thief, bonus background points, 4.37

C: Pure Luck, reroll with bonus, 4.37

E: Merge With Shadows, teleport when missed, 4.37

The Three

A: Dragon Worshipper, read draconian and easier skill checks, 4.37

C: Dragon Fighter, immune to dragon fear and defense bonus, 4.37

E: Flames of the Red, deal triple fire damage with crit, 4.37


Celebration of Towers, 3.20

Darkness Eve, 3.23

Day of the Three-Folded Alliance, 3.24

Festival of All the Gods, 3.19

Festival of Lights, 3.4

Gift-Giving Day, 3.20

Gnomeday, 3.22

Incantation, The, 3.24

Month of the Emperor, 3.19

Name-Giving Day, 3.21

Nameless Days, 3.23

Night of Doors, 3.4

Night of the White Wheel, 3.21

Oath of the Golden Watch, 3.24

Passage of the Dark Walkers, 3.5

Pupil’s Day, 3.24

Renewal of the Crusade, 3.24

Stolen Holiday, 3.20

Sun Festival, 3.27



Dark Pacts & Ancient Secrets conversions to Glorantha, 5.4-19

class conversions

Abomination, 5.14-16

Fateweaver, 5.10-12

Psion, 5.19

Savage, 5.8-9

Swordmage, 5.16-18

Warlock, 5.12-14

earth priestess favors of the earth, 5.7-8

fate gifts, 5.6-7

fate rune, 5.5-6

example of creating Glorantha monster based on existing monster, 5.20-24


god time, 7.62


Humakt, 7.64

Orlanth, 7.64

hero plane, 7.62

heroquesting, 7.62, 64-65

mythology, 7.63

The Severance (Kumakt severs ties with Orlanth), 7.64


Humakti initiation rite, 7.64-65

runes and classes adapted to steampunk setting, 5.33-34

(see Classes for Glorantha)

Gods and religions

blessings given as rewards, randomized

minor blessings, table of 100, 7.84-92

major blessings, table of 20, 7.93-94

Church of Providence, 7.39-43

holy books, randomized quotations from, table, 7.120-122

holy lair items (32 magic items for your base of operations), 7.95-100

belfry (frees possessed characters), 7.96 

blessed dome (strengthened walls), 7.96 

blood orchard (advances escalation die), 7.96 

choultry (guests treated as members of the party), 7.96 

clock tower (better initiative), 7.96 

consecrated ground (evil creatures are weakened), 7.96 

consecrated statue (bonus recharge), 7.96 

crystal cave (regain expended spell), 7.96 

font of holy water (bonus to recovery rolls), 7.97

gargoyle perch (helpful gargoyle), 7.97

grand ophicleide (bonus for bards), 7.97

hallowed garden (protection for souls of the buried), 7.97

huge ornate symbols (bonus to spells and attacks), 7.97

hymn scroll (repels evil creatures), 7.97

labyrinth (teleportation), 7.98

library (bonus to knowledge checks), 7.98

mandara (bonus to disengage checks), 7.98

minaret (recharges magic items), 7.98

monolith (use recovery to recharge or regain power), 7.98

obelisk (characters can easily locate the lair), 7.98

obsidian mirror (affects phasing creatures, alerts to intruders), 7.99

ossuary (bonus AC for undead characters), 7.99

pendulum (hinders lying), 7.99

prayer wheel (removes ongoing curse or disease), 7.99

psalm reader (password for a door), 7.99

pulpit (bonus to charisma checks), 7.99

sacred pool (cast spells as rituals), 7.99

sacred tree (reroll a die), 7.99

sanctified crypt (corpses do not decay), 7.100

spire (enhances other lair items), 7.100

stained-glass windows (see invisible creatures), 7.100

torii (bargain with the undead), 7.100

Living Ice, pantheon, 7.17

class affiliations, 7.18

domain: Authority, 7.19-20


Aarre, 7.18

Agneta, 7.18

Aros, 7.17

Lucas, 7.18

Raili, 7.18

Sirkka, 7.17

icon relationships, 7.21-22


Nonus Coruncanius Brascar, military leader, 7.20

Thon Brascar, Priestess’ right hand, 7.20

religious customs, randomized, 7.67-70

Temple of the Ebon Triad

gods of future, present, and past, 7.44


priesthood, 7.45

relationship to the icons, 7.47-48

relics (magical items)

book: Hymnal of the Ebon Triad, 7.48

book: Tome of the Triad, 7.48

cloak: Three-Fold Cloak, 7.48

holy symbol: Sign of the Ebon Triad, 7.49

holy symbol: Symbol of the Ebon Triad, 7.49

necklace: Diplomat’s Chain, 7.49

ring: Signet of the Ebon Triad, 7.49

satchel (wondrous): Satchel of the Ebon Triad, 7.50

shield: Shield of the Ebon Triad, 7.50

staff: Staff of the Ebon Triad, 7.50


in general, 7.45

notable temples across the Empire, 7.46-47

theology, 7.44-45

Three Pantheons


Balamet, The Warrior Cat, Thirsty god, 7.30-31

Katalua, The Destroyer, Bright god, 7.30

Koatiri, Thirsty god, 7.30

Perikalo, Bright god, 7.30

Vixen, Tullet, Old god, 7.31-32

history, 7.29

Bright gods, modern pantheon

Old gods, ancient pantheon

Thirsty gods, previous pantheon

religious groups

Fearless, warriors and adventurers of Balamet, 7.31

Reknarites, worshipers of Balamet, 7.31

Sisterhood of the Vixen, healers, 7.32

Worship of Tullet the Unshackled, cult, 7.32

weapons (magical) associated with various types and styles of gods

bear, 7.101

bee, 7.101-102

butterfly, 7.103

cat, 7.103-104

death, 7.104

dove, 7.104-105

eagle, 7.105

fire, 7.105-106

fisher, 7.106

forest, 7.106-107

harvest, 7.107

horse, 7.107-108

lover, 7.108

lion, 7.108-109

midwife, 7.109

moon, 7.109-110

mountain, 7.110

oak, 7.111

owl, 7.111-112

rainbow, 7.112

raven, 7.112-113

rebirth, 7.113

river, 7.113-114

sea, 7.114

shepherd, 7.114-115

smith, 7.115

spider, 7.115-116

stars, 7.116

storm, 7.116-117

sun, 7.117

victory, 7.118

volcano, 7.118

wolf, 7.119

Worms and Ecstasy, pantheon, 7.11-17

class affiliations, 7.13

domain: Survival or Anti-External, 7.13


Chillithin, 7.11

Dance, 7.11

Storms, 7.11

X’tha, elder devourer, 7.11

Yth’Tch, elder devourer, 7.11

icons’ attitudes toward, 7.15-17


Alaisdair, true inquisitor, 7.15

Samuel Goodeye, imperial lawbringer, 7.15

The Pruning Five, druids, 7.14


Holidays (see Festivals)

Horror, incorporating elements of, 2.4-7



applying icon relationship dice, 1.4-5, 1.22, 4.46

feats associated with, 4.34-37 (see Feats associated with icons)

magic items, 6.37-49 (see Magic items, single-use, associated with icons)

relationships with characters tinged with lycanthropy, 7.9-10

Icons, new

The Divine, tiger from another realm, 7.51-60

as heroic, ambiguous, or villainous, 7.51-52

general information, 7.52-53


D’ardu, kobold servant, 7.56-58

Niel Cenka, human right-hand man, 7.54-56

Valist Haagtor, demon servant, 7.58-60

within the Dragon Empire, 7.53


Living dungeon

possible origins, 6.20-24

underkraken species, 6.50-55


Chasm, city, 4.25-29

adventure hooks, 4.27-29

dwarf king’s treasury, 4.27

magic items, 4.28-29

NPCs, 4.28

taverns, 4.27

overview, 4.26

Stalking Trees, region, 3.25-26

history, 3.25

sun worshippers, 3.26 

Sun Falls, village, 3.27-29

sun festival, 3.27

sun temple, 3.28

sun salamander, monster stats, 3.29

sun walkers, 3.28

sun walker, leader, NPC stats, 3.28

Undermarch, 6.73-74

character backgrounds, 6.73

history, 6.71-72

icon influences, 6.73-74

prior ages, 6.73

stations and byways, 6.72


barbarians descended from werebeasts, 7.5-10

characters infected with, 2.8-9

icon relationships with descendants of werebeasts, 7.9-10


Magic items


anvil breastplate (crits against you deal thunder damage), 7.115

avalanche robe (bonus move when pass save check), 7.110

breastplate of sol (expanded crit range for holy or fire attacks), 7.117

caul of new birth (recovery when reach 0 HP), 7.113

pelt of strength (reroll strength checks), 7.102

raven’s robe (fly, protection from fall), 7.112

river-pebble armor (pop free when someone nearby pops free), 7.114

storm-light chain (enemies take lightning damage against you), 7.116


fleece-lined belt (immune to extreme weather and hunger), 7.115

green belt (additional recovery, grow protective barrier), 7.107

rider’s kilt (transform into centaur), 7.108

seafarer’s cincture (spending recovery removes restraints), 7.114


alchemist’s manual for monstrous mutation, 4.29

burning book (increase fire resistance, see the past), 7.105

Hymnal of the Ebon Triad (grants a specific bard spell), 7.48

Scroll of Counted Stars (chance to reroll missed ranged attack), 7.116

Tome of the Triad (bonus magic feat), 7.48


astral boots (teleport or swap positions with another), 7.116

farmer’s boots (never bogged down by terrain), 7.107

fuzzy slippers (disengage with poison), 7.102

horse shoes (move as a free action), 7.108

velvet boots (stealth movement, protection from falls), 7.104

bows and ammo

arachnid arrow (targets become stuck), 7.115

bolt of eros (enemy must move toward specific creature), 7.108

eagle-bone bow (bonus attack), 7.105

eagle-feather arrow (move into engagement), 7.105

ivy-wood bow (arrows weave to hit target), 7.106-107


cape of transformation (change appearance), 7.103

flowing cape (bonus to disengage checks), 7.114

golden cloak (chance for enemy to attack self), 7.117

leafy cloak (bonus when hiding or sneaking), 7.107

liquid iron mantle (reduced damage from metal weapons), 7.118

mantle of quiet moments (transfer a condition), 7.108

owl-feather cloak (glide between treetops or to ground), 7.111

Three-Fold Cloak (wearer appears younger or older), 7.48

white mantle (free recovery), 7.105


claw of night (pre-combat attack), 7.111

climbing spike (no skill check needed to climb wood), 7.106

knife of the accoucheuse (attack again if missed), 7.109


Goggles of Planar Truth, 7.14

gauntlets and gloves

builder’s gauntlet (deal extra damage with hammer and axe), 7.115

Hands of Light and Dark, 4.31-32

lion-paw gloves (option to also use initiative roll as first attack roll), 7.109

Nightcaller, 4.32

Shadow’s Bane, 4.32

wolfskin gauntlets (bonus damage to ally-engaged enemy), 7.119


builder’s hammer (bonus to making or breaking objects), 7.115

coffin nail hammer (crit expands against undead), 7.104

golden hammer (crit expansion), 7.108

mountain hammer (enemies are pushed back), 7.110

Perun’s Vengeance (expanded crit range until success), 7.117


bear-skull helm (advantage against staggered enemies), 7.102

black feather crown (send floating eye to scout), 7.112

golden laurel crown (others regard you as a winner), 7.118

headband of prophecy (bonus action), 7.105

hive crown (see through ally’s eyes, cast as though an ally), 7.102

iron wolf helm (bite attack), 7.119

lover’s mask (disguise self), 7.108

winged helmet (bonus movement inflicting damage), 7.103


mace of rage (reroll attack), 7.102


band of reawakening (chance to heal when staggered), 7.113

crystal pendant (teleport), 7.112

Diplomat’s Chain (grants Smooth Talk talent), 7.49

midwife’s pendant (bonus to death saves), 7.109

moonsilver chain (transform into animal to scout), 7.109

pearl necklace (save bonus, hold breath indefinitely), 7.106

other items

Egg of Serenity (wondrous, provides useful things), 7.104

Gloomglass (wondrous, grant ally temporary HP), 7.104


claw ring (fingernails become a weapon), 7.103

lavastone ring (cast fire spell), 7.118

lion-head ring (thunder damage), 7.109

ring of concealment, 4.29

ring of fire (start fires, reduce enemy’s attack roll), 7.106

Signet of the Ebon Triad (advantage to research checks), 7.49


Satchel of the Ebon Triad (wondrous hidden compartment), 7.50


faithful hound’s shield (boost nearby ally’s saves), 7.115

protector’s shield (may use two-handed weapon), 7.109

shield of grasping limbs (difficult for enemies to disengage), 7.116

Shield of the Ebon Triad (armor rune effect), 7.50


storm spear (chained attacks against multiple enemies), 7.117

trident of the deep (turn into merfolk), 7.114


crystal prism staff (chance to reflect crit spells back to attacker), 7.112

moonstone staff (pushes enemies away), 7.110

oaken quarterstaff (summon tree animal to assist), 7.111

Staff of the Ebon Triad (advantage to recharge checks), 7.50

staff of resurrection (allies get two chances on final death saves), 7.113

victor’s stave (if you take no damage, attack bonus in next battle), 7.118


silent kiss, 4.31

silvered moonblade (crit range increase against fire creatures), 7.110

stinger (poisonous), 7.103


carved eagle feather (bonus on visual perception checks), 7.105

oakleaf broach (reroll failed save), 7.111

Sign of the Ebon Triad (affects icon relationship rolls), 7.49

Symbol of the Ebon Triad (affects icon relationship rolls), 7.49


acorn wand (oak tree traps enemy), 7.111

beribboned baton (fly for a move action), 7.112

finger of death (increased miss damage), 7.104

wand of the owl (turn into an owl), 7.111

weapons, general melee

ambush blade (double damage in ambush), 7.103

armament of tides (chance to stay engaged with enemy), 7.114

burnished weapon (stun enemy), 7.117

eons-cutting blade (second miss deals twice miss damage), 7.113

Halligan’s End (assists in forcing open doors and objects), 7.106

weapons, general ranged

peak-top pebble/sling (expanded crit with triple damage), 7.110

swiftwing (attack mid-move), 7.103

throwing stars (attack two targets, splitting damage), 7.116

weapons, uncommon

barbed-chain net (make enemy stuck), 7.106

crop of the horse god (give extra move to ally), 7.107

drover’s rod (extra die of damage against beasts), 7.114

leviathan hook (make enemy stuck), 7.106

ravenwing weapon (attack in ambush round), 7.113

reaver’s weapon (add escalation die to miss damage), 7.119

weapon of burning rock (gives ongoing fire damage), 7.118

weapon of deception (take back an action to confuse enemy), 7.116

wonder weapon (use a recovery as extra damage), 7.118

winnowing fork (gain temporary HP after last mook), 7.107

(see Magic items, single-use; Gods and religions, holy lair items)

Magic items, single-use

associated with an icon

Archmage: Warding and Binding Scroll, 6.38

Crusader: Blood of the Enemy, 6.38

Diabolist: Brimstone Prison, 6.39

Dwarf King

Ancestor Rune, 6.39

Clockwork Decoy, 6.40

Ancestor Golem, 6.41

Elf Queen: Elven Ginseng, 6.42

Emperor: Voice of the Crown, 6.43

Great Gold Wyrm: Martyr’s Balm, 6.44

High Druid: Fastgrow Fertilizer, 6.45

Lich King: Lich’s Stitches, 4.45

Orc Lord: Glory Totem, 6.46

Priestess: Prayer Bead, 6.47

Shadow Prince: Everyman Ointment, 6.48

The Three: Dragon Eye, 6.49

cloak of elven embrace, channels the elven court’s effects, 7.37

final answer token, perfect knowledge to pass judgment, 7.35

imperial locket, encouragement, 7.37

negotiator, creates a conference room, 7.37


draught of affability, 7.36

of fungicide, 4.28

spirits of challenge, recollection of all grudges, 7.38

proud ears, languages, 7.35

purse oil, security, 7.34

predator’s eye, perception, 7.34

righteous guardian token, protection of non-combatants, 7.35

selfstick, official identification, 7.34

siren, building destruction, 7.34

twin brands of service, one day boost of energy taken from another, 7.36

vassal’s writ, alters official documents, 7.36

Maps and play areas


crafting 2.5D dungeon tiles, 2.24-26

Marriage (see Cleric, Binding oaths)

Monsters and creatures

bat cavalry, 5.21

converting player characters into monsters, 4.15-20

cyclops, 4.7-14

adventure hooks, 4.13-14

building battles, 4.12

history, 4.7-9

icon relationships, 4.12

rumors, 4.13


cyclops sailor, 4.10

cyclops seer, 4.11

cyclops shepherd, 4.9

demogorgon, 4.53

dire bat (see bat cavalry)

dragon, large gelatinous, 4.22-23

duergar, underdwellers, 6.65-70

adventure hooks, 6.69

common names, 6.68

icon relationships, 6.68-69

items found on or near, 6.70

special abilities, 6.66


dark priest, 6.66

shadow knight, 6.67

stories told to children about, 6.65

example of creating new monster based on existing monster, 5.20-24

gelatinous cube, haunted, 2.12

goblin (see bat cavalry)

gods (see Gods and religions)

giant, stormfisher, 4.50-51

gift box mimic and stall owner, 3.17-18

living spellbook, 6.61-62

musk ox, mutated, 4.23

phased bulette, 1.8-9

poltergeist, 2.12

pygmy wasp-rider, 5.24

Sharnu’s angel of judgment, 7.42

sun salamander, 3.29

underkraken (living dungeon)

nerve cluster, 6.53

octopus heart, 6.55

werebeasts, history, 7.5-6


Non-player characters (NPCs)

converting player characters into NPCs, 4.15-20

D’ardu, kobold icon servant, 7.56-58

Grimgut Gobmage, famous rockleech goblin, 6.58

Jaysa, sorceress, 4.24

Lemuel, pastor of the Church of Providence, 7.39-43

Nemo Haze, human necromancer, 4.52

Niel Cenka, human icon servant, 7.54-56

Shadows of the Abyss, assassin troupe, 2.11, 4.47-49

Simone “Sardonicus” the Third, mistress of ceremonies, 3.5

Sōshan, half-orc monk, 4.33

Sun walker, leader of festival, 3.28

Tas Goulder, fortune teller, 4.21

Valist Haagtor, demon icon servant, 7.58-60

Vok Z’Khalat, dark elf, 4.21

Yoralia, demon-touched, 4.49

Young Bartley, balladeer, 4.24


Oaths (see Cleric, Binding oaths)

One unique thing

gradually woven into campaign, 4.46

One-use magic items (see Magic items, single-use)

Orders, Cleric (see Cleric, Orders)


Paladin class (see Classes)

Pantheons (see Gods and religions)

Planning and preparation (see Encounters; Running the game; World building)

Plot hooks, preparing alternatives to keep the game moving, 4.4-5


Races, customizing for specific character concept, 6.63-64

taking abilities from other races, 6.63

using custom racial powers

Dilettante, 6.64

Furious Assault, 6.64

Knack for Success, 6.64

Surprising Inspiration, 6.64

Races, new and expanded


adventure hooks, 6.59

rockleech clan, 6.58

racial abilities, 6.56

mounted combat feat, 6.56

other goblin race options, 6.57 

overview, 6.56

Glorantha races, using in Dragon Empire , 5.25-29

Tiefling Hellbreeds, 1.10-21

acedians (aloof sages), 1.20

ardenti (larger than life), 1.11

avaritians (driven by desire), 1.16

invidians (ambitious to a fault), 1.19

irai (hell’s avengers), 1.13

luxirians (sensual hedonists), 1.14

superbians (pride and hubris), 1.18

Uzko, Glorantha dark trolls adapted for use in Dragon Empire

 uzko-specific classes

adept, healer, 5.27

necromancer, bone shaman, 5.27

warrior, gladiator, 5.27

history in the Dragon Empire, 5.25-26

icon relationships, 5.26

Regions (see Locations)

Religions (see Gods and religions)

Running the game

designing non-combat scenarios, 4.43-45

plot hooks, preparing alternatives to keep the game moving, 4.4-5, 4.46

players as the storytellers, 4.46

(see Encounters)


Scenes (see Encounters; Maps and play areas)

Single-use magic items (see Magic items, single-use)

Skill challenges, 4.43-45

Spells (see Classes, new and expanded)

Steampunk conversion of Glorantha runes and classes, 5.33-34

Story hooks (see Encounters, plot hooks)


Tabletop terrain (see Maps and play areas)

Taverns, 4.27

Tiefling Hellbreeds race, 1.10-21 (see Races)


Vows (see Cleric, Binding oaths)


Warlock class, 2.14-23 (see Classes)

Werebeasts (see Lycanthropy)

World building

converting player characters into NPCs or monsters, 4.15-20

example of creating new monster based on existing monster, 5.20-24

living dungeons, origins, 20-24


clerical orders, 7.24

race customizations, 6.63-64

religious followers, random customs of, 7.67-70

steampunk conversion of Glorantha runes and classes, 5.33-34

(see Factions; Festivals; Gods and religions; Locations; Monsters and creatures; Non-player characters)

Author Index


Adamski, Patryk ‘Ruemere’

Quick Tip to Fun Encounters, 1.6

Underkrakens Revisited, 6.50-55

Anderson, Melody Haren

Decorating for Festivals, 3.4


A Dozen Dungeons, 6.5-19

Alignment Check, 7.70

And by These Signs You Shall Know Them, 7.66

Divine Domain Spells, 7.70

Holy Roller, 7.120

One Hundred Twenty Blessings Upon You!, 7.84

Thirty-Two Holy Lair Items, 7.95

Weapons of the Gods, 7.101


Baker, Tim

Imperial Dispatch, 1.2, 2.2, 3.2, 4.2, 5.2, 6.2, 7.3

Racial Variants for Core Races, 6.63-64

Reskinning Monsters for Glorantha, 5.20-24

Bengtsson, Ulf

The Severance, 7.61

Bestul, J. Michael

Cyclops, 4.7-14

Faces of the Empire: Barka, 4.30

Faces of the Empire: Sōshan, 4.33

Black, Richard, Jr.

Bringing Glorantha Classes to the Dragon Empire, 5.30-32

Bringing Glorantha Races to the Dragon Empire, 5.25-29

Bonch-Osmolovskiy, Mikail

Especially Nasty: Gift Box Mimic and Stall Owner, 3.17

Especially Nasty: Haunted Gelatinous Cube, 2.12

Especially Nasty: Living Spellbook, 6.60-62

Especially Nasty: Phased Bulette, 1.8

Especially Nasty: Stormfisher Giant, 4.50-51

Heroic Horror, 2.4

Boyt, Jeb

All Along the Undermarch, 6.71-74

Temple of the Ebon Triad, 7.44


Cardoso, José Luiz F. ‘Tzimiscedracul’

13 (Crazy) Optional Rules for the Escalation Die, 4.38-42

13 Festivals, Holidays, and Calendar Peculiarities, 3.19

Lycanthropy, 2.8

What Are Living Dungeons? 6.20-24


Eastman, Benjamin L.

Rage by the Light of the Moon, 7.5


Faupel, Denis

Evil Beneath, The, 6.65-70

Faces of the Empire: Vok Z’Khalat, 4.21


Hebert, Andrew

GM Advice Learned from New World of Darkness, 4.46


Joynt, Patrick

Dragon Empire Pantheons, 7.11

Signature Items, 7.33

We Answer to No Man, 7.51


Kiener, Christopher

Faces of the Empire: Tas Goulder “Fortune Teller”, 4.21

Killman, Martin

Dark Pacts & Ancient Secrets in Glorantha, 5.4-19

Iconic Feats, 4.34-37

Paladin Talents, 3.6-16

Knight, Dorian

Icon Improvisation Advice, 4.46

Krauss, Sean

Iconic One-Use Items, 6.37-49


Marvin, John

Creatures of the Empire: Demogorgon, 4.53

Creatures of the Empire: Large Gelatinous Dragon & Mutated Musk Ox, 4.22-23

Three Gods from Three Pantheons, 7.29

Maston, Kim

Faces of the Empire: Young Bartley, 4.24

Mingoa, Lawrence Augustine R.

Challenging the Story: Skill Challenges in 13th Age, 4.43-45

Game of Icons, The, 1.4

Warrior Class, The, 6.25-36

Murphy, John

The Condemners, 7.39

Murray, Douglas G. A.

Reflavoring 13G Classes and Runes, 5.33-34


Olson-Smith, Clark

Chasm, 4.25-29

More Goblins! 6.56-59


Parker, Michael

Faces of the Empire: Jaysa, 4.24

Pruitt, Michael

The Warlock, 2.14


Ramos, Nefthalie Nelson

Faces of the Empire: Nemo Haze, 4.52

Factions, 2.10

Magic Items, 4.31-32

Shadows of the Abyss, Assassin Troupe, 4.47-49

Rogers, Brian

Rituals of Faith, 7.23


Sheftall, Sherm

Back Matter, 1.23, 2.27, 3.30, 4.54, 5.35, 6.75

Front Matter, 7.2

Sun Falls and the Stalking Trees, 3.25

Sørli, Are

Converting a 13th Age Character Into an NPC or a Monster, 4.15-20

Stauffer, Seth

Always Have a Few Extra Plot Hooks Hidden Up Your Sleeve, 4.4-5


Thomas, Dax

Crafting the Old Brewery, 2.24


Witunsky, Benjamin ‘Balamast’

Voices From the Overworld, 1.22

Artist Index


Anderson, Melody Haren, 1.7

ASH LAW, 1.10, 6.7-19


Baker, Patricia, 1.2, 2.2, 2.4, 2.8, 3.2, 4.2, 4.23, 5.15, 5.16, 5.20, 5.22, 5.33, 6.3, 7.33, 7.35, 7.37, 7.39, 7.41, 7.43, 7.51, 7.54, 7.56


Chaosium, 5.28

Comerci, Daniel, 1.3, 5.3


Hershey, Rick, 3.22, 3.30, 4.3, 4.16, 4.50, 4.53, 4.54, 5.30, 6.4, 6.24, 6.25, 6.28, 6.57, 6.59, 7.5, 7.11, 7.72, 7.73, 7.119


McDonald-Jones, Nikole, 7.30


Ramos, Nefthalie Nelson, 2.11


Spencer, Dean, 1.1, 1.23, 2.3, 3.3, 4.1, 5.1


Thomas, Dax, 2.25-26

‘Terrasaur’, 1.7


Wagner, Kris

Escalation logo design

Wyatt, Justin, 7.31



A Adventurer

C Champion

E Epic

NPC Non-Player Character

Issues of the Escalation fanzine are freely available for download from

The following issues are included in this index:

Escalation 1: Miscellany - Summer 2017

Escalation 2: Horror - Fall 2017

Escalation 3: Festival - Winter 2017

Escalation 4: Giants in the Earth - Spring 2018

Escalation 5: Glorantha - Summer 2018

Escalation 6: The Underworld & Dungeons - Winter 2018

Escalation 7: The Divine - Fall 2019

My goal for this index is twofold. First, I want to group things together topically for easy reference. Second, I want to generate wider interest in the Escalation fanzine by revealing the impressive contents. I have done my best to be accurate but there must be errors, missed items, and especially missed artists. I welcome additions, corrections, and gold pieces. All of which can be sent to:

Heath Glandon

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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