Primal Elementalist

Written by James.

The elementalist is to Druids what Sorceres are to Wizards. A pure, raw channel with little precision of finesse. Slowly gaining more elemental proclivity as they grow, becoming more in tune with nature.

Play Style: This class is designed to dish out hits, and take them, especially down the Earth and Water trees. These trees also provide some control effects. An Air elementalist can delve more into casting, becoming a strong swordmage style, especially when backed up by the mobility afforded by the Fire tree.

Ability Scores : +2 to Wisdom or Strength

Races: Any race can be an elementalist. They are vessels of nature and any species can be born with this attunement.

Icons: The High Druid is an obvious choice for one with such primal power. The Emperor and Archmage detest it yet an elementalist may find kinship with a dragon matching their elements.

Armour :

None : 10 AC

Light : 12 AC

Heavy : 14 AC

Shield : +2 AC (-2 penalty to spells)

Melee Weapons Simple Light Heavy or Martial
One Handed 1d4 Makeshift 1d6 Cudgel 1d8 Quarterstaff
Two-Handed 1d6 Stave 1d8 Sharp Stick 1d10 Troll Club
Ranged Weapons Simple Light (-1 atk ) Heavy or martial. (-2 atk)
Thrown 1d4 Makeshift 1d6 Hatchets 1d8 Javelins
Crossbow 1d4 Hand 1d6 Light 1d8 Heavy
Missiles 1d4 Slingshot 1d6 Shortbow 1d8 Longbow

Progression :

Level HP Feats Talents Ability Bonuses Ability score dmg
1 6+CONx3 1 adv 3 X1
2 6+CONx4 2 adv 3 X1
3 6+CONx5 3 adv 3 X1
4 6+CONx6 4 adv 3 +1 to 3 X1
5 6+CONx8 4 adv , 1 chmp 4 X2
6 6+CONx10 4 adv , 2 chmp 4 X2
7 6+CONx12 4 adv , 3 chmp 4 +1 to 3 X2
8 6+CONx16 4 adv , 3 chmp , 1 epic 5 X3
9 6+CONx20 4 adv , 3 chmp , 1 epic 5 X3
10 6+CONx24 4 adv , 3 chmp , 1 epic 5 +1 to 3 X3


Recoveries: 8, 1d8

Class Features :

Elemental Providence :

You may choose one elemental focus per tier. Each focus gives you access to it’s talents. OR you may take 1 talent from all 4 but only ever have 4 talents. Elementalists may change their talents as wizards change their spells.

In addition , you may focus on your elements in combat as a quick action. You may treat your weapon as a magic item of your tier , gain corresponding elemental damage and deal an effect on a crit. If you have multiple focuses one is used at random.

Earth : Thunder Damage , Hamper on crit

Water : Cold Damage , Stun on Crit

Air : Force Damage , Grab on Crit

Fire : Fire damage , Weaken on Crit

You also gain a single druid spell for every element from the terrain or elemental casting lists related to your element. Terrain casting spells do not need the appropriate terrain available. The first spell is your level, all others lag two levels behind, minimum 1.

Adventurer Feat: Choose the element you use.

Champion Feat: Your miss damage is treated as ongoing damage of your chosen element.

Epic Feat: Your druid spells no longer lag levels behind.

Talents :

Fire :

Pyrophobia : You are afraid of your own flames. Every time you deal fire damage to an enemy with a 16+ gain a free move action. However this self inflicted fear gives you -1 MD. Also, if you roll a natural 1-5 you deal half damage to yourself. You fear for a good reason.

Adventurer : 14+, natural 1-3

Champion : 12+ and No MD penalty

Epic : Natural 1 and your fire forged courage gives you +2 MD.

Pillar of Flame : If you use your standard and move actions to disengage, it is a normal save and all creatures (and you) engaged with you take 1d4 per level fire damage , whether you succeed or fail.

Adventurer : No longer attack yourself.

Champion : Easy save and d6

Epic : Auto success and d8

Flamesight : You may scry (Wizard utility spell) once per day when near an open flame. You must pass a skill check to do so. If you fail , lose a recovery. If you run out of recoveries you can’t scry , even on a success. This is only out of combat.

Adventurer : Can be used in combat as a quick action, granting you +2 per tier to your next d20 roll.

Champion : No longer spend recoveries.

Epic : Recharge 16+

Fanning the Flames: You gain Resist Fire 16+. when fire damage fails against your resistance, you heal the other half of the damage.

Adventurer Feat: You gain Ignore Fire 12+

Champion Feat: Once per battle, heal the full damage.

Epic Feat: When your flames are fanned, gain a move ction if unengaed , a disengage check if not.

Earth :

Barkskin : Gain +2 AC

Adventurer : Resist Damage 14+

Champion : Ignore miss effects

Epic : Gain +4 AC

Vine Sprouting :

Once per day , as a standard action , render a target stuck for the rest of the battle.

Adventurer : Recharge 16+

Champion : Target is also hampered.

Epic : Once per battle.

Herbal Remedies : After each battle you and one ally gain a free recovery.

Adventurer : All allies excluding you or as above.

Champion : All allies including you.

Epic : The herbal remedy recoveries use d12s.

Stoneskin: Gain +2 PD.

Adventurer Feat: Your unarmed attacks deal d8 damage and take no penalty.

Champion Feat: You roll twice on strength checks and take the better result.

Epic Feat: Gain +4 PD.

Water :

Marshland Aura : The area in your immediate vicinity is a bog. The ground around you melts and swells with water. In natural environments any enemy that fails to disengage from you becomes stuck (save ends)

Adventurer : Applies when you successfully disengage.

Champion : The stuck effect becomes a hard save.

Epic : The enemies also become prone as they sink into the bog. They can’t regain their footing until they save against stuck.

Vitality : Water has granted you a fantastic level of vitality. Gain an extra recovery.

Adventurer : Gain +1 base HP

Champion : Increase your recovery die by 1 step.

Epic : Gain regeneration 20 when fighting near or in water.

Contact with the Aquamirror : You may use a water source to speak to the Lady of the Lake once per day. She gives vague clues. These clues should relate to what is being asked or the current plot.

Adventurer : Concise clues

Champion : Detailed information

Epic : You may also gain an icon dice for the lady.

Stillness of the Lake: You gain +2 MD.

Adventurer Feat: You roll saves against mental effects at the start of your turn.

Champion Feat: You gain +4 MD.

Epic feat: You are immune to mental effects for the first round you have them.

Air :

Windmaster : You may gain flight for a battle once per day, easy save ends.

Adventurer : Once per Battle, save ends.

Champion : Gain resist damage 12+ whilst flying, hard save ends.

Epic : You may fly at will.

Deep Breaths : You may take a Deep Breath Rally when staggered to push you back to the staggered threshold. You still expend recoveries and can only do this once per battle. No matter what action you may normally rally with, Deep Breath requires your entire turn.

Adventurer : You may use standard rallies with an easy save after your first, rather than normal.

Champion : Once per battle, rally as a quick action.

Epic : Deep Breath Rallies uses free recoveries.

Winds of Magic : Any roll that is a natural 20 lets you roll on the High Weirdness Table. Also , gain a randomly determined chaos mage spell each full rest.

Adventurer Feat: You may use wisdom as your casting stat.

Champion Feat: Choose your chaos mage spell and gain it’s associated warp.

Epic Feat: Gain a third spell from a randomly determined spellcasting class. Choose the spell.

Wind Carries the Music: You gain a bardic song at your level.

Adventurer Feat: You gain a battle cry at your level.

Champion Feat: You gain a bard spell at your level.

Epic Feat: You gain another, of your choice, song spell or battle cry at a -2 level lag.

Special: Stacking resist damage. Increase your highest resistance value by the second digit of the lower value. So, if you use windmaster’s 12+ and Barkskin’s 14+ you take Barkskin but add 2 from windmaster, making it 16+. This only applies to resistances granted from your elementalist class

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