Written by James.

The Gentleman does not simply fight. He fights to a form, with impeccable politeness, following the rules of war and following his code whenever possible. Nobility carries responsibility. Pistol in one hand, rapier in another, the Gentleman will kill you...with flair.

Firearm Rules: A high damage alternative, reloading them takes a standard action. Pistols can target nearby enemies , rifles far away. Firearms are expensive, 100gp for a pistol, 200 for a rifle.


Play Style: The Gentleman is a controller/dps hybrid. He finds a target, makes sure the target finds him, and eliminates it. Exxpect the class to require some micro-managing as ammo limitations will be a big part of your playstyle. Outside of combat, the gentleman is well known, flashy and honorable. Whilst his code of conduct is not always traditional good, he follows it with zeal akin to a paladin.

Ability Scores: The Gentleman must be dexterous to operate his firearms and flash his rapier. Intelligence will help a Gentleman get the most out of his firearms but a charismatic gentleman could control the battlefield. Don't neglect your constitution if you plan on being a duelist though. Gain a +2 to Dexterity, Intelligence or Charisma.

Races: Any civillised race may have it's gentlemen. Elves, humans dwarves etc. Lizardfolk and Orcs...not so much. The difference will come in their codes of conduct and honour.

Icons: Any civillised Icon will patron over their race. Expect to be more tied up in the politics of these Icons. Emperor, elf Queen and Dwarf King are the most likely though a case can be made for the Three.

Melee Weapons

   One handed  Two Handed
 Small  1d4 Dagger  1d6 Cane
 Light or Simple  1d6 Rapier, Sabre  1d8 Sceptre (-2)
 Heavy or Martial  1d8 Longsword (-2)  1d10 Greatsword (-2)

Ranged Weapons

   Thrown  Crossbow  Firearms
 Small  1d4 Dagger  1d4 Hand  1d10 Pistol
 Light or Simple  1d6 Axes (-2)  1d6 Light  1d12 Light Rifle (-2)
 Heavy or Martial    1d8 Heavy (-2)  

Armour: A true gentleman does not wear armour, lest he suffer ridicule.

Armour Type Base AC Atk penalty
None 12*  
Light 14 (-2)
Heavy 14 (-4)
Shield +1 (-2)

Base PD: 11

Base MD: 11

Base HP: 7

Recoveries: d8, x8



Total Hit PointsTotal FeatsClass TalentsLevel-up Ability BonusesDamage Bonus From Ability Score
Level 1 (7 + CON mod) x 3 1 adventurer 3   ability modifier
Level 2 (7 + CON mod) x 4 2 adventurer 3   ability modifier
Level 3 (7 + CON mod) x 5 3 adventurer 3   ability modifier
Level 4 (7 + CON mod) x 6 4 adventurer 3 +1 to 3 abilities ability modifier
Level 5 (7 + CON mod) x 8 4 adventurer; 1 champion 4   2 x ability modifier
Level 6 (7 + CON mod) x 10 4 adventurer; 2 champion 4   2 x ability modifier
Level 7 (7 + CON mod) x 12 4 adventurer; 3 champion 4 +1 to 3 abilities 2 x ability modifier
Level 8 (7 + CON mod) x 16 4 adventurer; 3 champion; 1 epic 5   3 x ability modifier
Level 9 (7 + CON mod) x 20 4 adventurer; 3 champion; 2 epic 5   3 x ability modifier
Level 10 (7 + CON mod) x 24 4 adventurer; 3 champion; 3 epic 5 +1 to 3 abilities 3 x ability modifier




Class Talents:


You are connected. Gain an extra icon die with a ruling icon. You may also leverage your connection once per day, to turn a convince skill check into a natural 20.  This applies within reason but GM's, be generous. Maybe that savage cannabalistic orc tribe has had bad skirmishes with imperial forces so your emperor serving Gentleman can hold sway.


Once per day, you may spend your entire turn preening, flashing your blade to no effect, firing and reloading your pistol, etc. This display will not harm your enemies but is so flashy, ludicrous and inane that your enemies will stop what they're doing to stop and stare. Applya  condition of your choice to nearby enemies. The more impressive your description, the more powerful the condition, the longer the duration, the more targets etc.

Insistent Gentleman:

Your reloads only take a move action as opposed to a standard action. You may also fire a short burst of leftover powder as a quick action when your ammo is empty. Treat this as an intelligence based ranged attack which deals d3 damage dice. No miss effect.

Adventurer Feat: Deal d4 damage dice.

Champion Feat: You may reload as a quick action

Epic Feat: Deal d6 damage dice.

Hunter of Beasts:

You may use a rifle without penalty. Gain a 5 point hunting background.

Adventurer Feat: Beasts are vulnerable to your attacks.

Champion Feat: Gain an additional 2 points added to your hunting background.

Epic Feat: You always gain a suprise round against beasts.

Throw down the glove:

You may challenge an enemy once per day. Breaking the challenge incurs 3d10 Psychic damage. This increases to 6d12 at champion tier and 2d10*10 at epic tier. Whilst challenged the target can only attack you and you can only attack it. Taking the psychic damage breaks the challenge.

Adventurer Feat: Once per battle

Champion Feat: Reduce damage die by one step, taking the damage does not break the challenge.

Epic Feat: No longe reduce damage dice.


Once per battle you may mark a target. This target is vulnerable to your attacks and takes your intelligence modifier in additional miss damage.

Adventurer feat: You deal your intelligence modifier in additional miss damage against all targets. This doubles at champion tier and triples at epic tier.

Champion Feat: You deal half damage on misses against your sighted target.

Epic Feat: Your damage die increase by one step against your marked target.

He is but one man?

Once per day, make a basic attack against every nearby enemy with your firearm. Your firearm burns out and becomes unusable until you can purchase a new one or gain a full rest to fix it.

Adventurer Feat: the targets may now be far away if you reduce your damage die by one step.

Champion Feat: You may target every enemy if you half the damage you deal.

Epic Feat: You deal full damage when targeting all enemies once per level.

Arcane Ammunition:

You have some knowledge of Arcana and infuse it into your pistol ammunition. Your basic ranged attack deals force damage and you gain a daily direct damage spell from the Wizard , cast using your firearm as an implement.

Adventurer Feat: The spell may be once per battle.

Champion Feat: The spell may be cyclic.

Epic Feat: You may evoke your spell for maximum damage. This causes your pistol to backfire, causing you to suffer any miss effects when you do this, regardless of if you hit or miss.

Two Fisted Duelist:

You wield a pistol in one hand whilst flashing your blade in another. When you hit with a melee attack you may reload your pistol as a free action.

Adventurer Feat: You may pop free on a natural 16+

Champion Feat: Pop free on any even.

Epic Feat: Always pop free.


You are incredibly flashy, basing your melee attacks off charisma instead of dexterity. You may also make double melee attacks whilst dual wileding.

Adventurer Feat: Gain a bard song of your level.

Champion Feat: Whilst the bardic song is active, you may roll a normal save to draw any ranged attacks that could target you.

Epic Feat: When the bardic song ends, you defelct the next ranged attack directed at you back at the attacker. Your swordwork is just that good.


You can make a Whirlwind attack as the first action of your turn with your melee weapon when you are engaged by two or more enemies.

You take a –4 penalty to your AC and PD until the start of your next turn. Then roll a separate melee attack against each enemy you are engaged with. You deal no miss damage with these attacks.

Adventurer Feat You now deal normal miss damage with missed Whirlwind attacks.

Champion Feat The penalty to your AC and PD is reduced to –2. In addition, disengage checks you make the same turn as using Whirlwind automatically succeed.

Epic Feat You can use Whirlwind anytime during your turn, not just as the first action.






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