Written by Angel.

My harlequin class (or jester, if you're more comfortable with the common term,) created to compliment my race of Tanuki. It's supposed to play somewhere between a bard and a rogue. It has NOT been playtested yet, and I would greatly appreciate it if anyone that decides to give it a go would comment if there's anything that needs fixed or improved.

As usual, all content and art are my original work.

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  • This is a creative class with a lot of great flavor. And cool illustrations! I love it.

    Some comments:
    - Roll with it class feature: 13th Age enemies don't knock back or knock prone. The only effects like that cause the target to pop free. What that means is that you give a class feature that never triggers if you only use monster effects as written... This needs a rewrite.

    - Charging a feat to make a maneuvers damage scale is very annoying. Please don't. Damage should automatically scale with level, otherwise the power just comes with an unavoidable feat tax. If you don't have a cool idea for an adventurer feat, just leave that empty.

    - Fool's Luck and Karmic Trickster are very similar. I would leave Karmic Trickster as-is and change Fool's Luck to some other trigger. How about "once per day, when an attack would reduce you below 0 hp"?

    The other talents look good. I haven't looked at all maneuvers in detail.

    - Rogues have Sneak Attack to add some extra damage. The Harlequin should be a viable replacement for a rogue so why not give him some similar feature?

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  • thanks for the feedback! i'm glad someone is checking out my material. i'll try to address each of your points one at a time:

    -while traditional enemies in 13th age don't cause knockback, many of mine do. i use a mechanic very similar to dnd 4th ed a lot. i'm not finished with my bestiary yet, or i'd post a link to it here. additionally, there are a lot of opportunities out of combat for things like knockback and fall damage. traps, ambushes, treacherous skill challenges... these are the times when roll with it comes in handy.

    -the reason some of the feats are necessary to scale the damage is because, at the end of the day, tricks aren't necessary for the harlequin to be effective. they're capable melee fighters in their own right. by taking a feat to boost damage, they're making that trick something akin to a signature move. it's more about the role play than the battle mechanics. for example, touch of insanity is likely a move that, if the feat is taken, indicates something about the characters personality, not just some shtick they learned along the way.

    -fool's luck and karmic trickster were intended to be similar. the idea is to discourage a player from taking both. but depending on how the player sees their character and the world they exist in, either may be more appropriate. if i changed the trigger, it would be harder to justify only one of them working at a time.

    -the harlequin isn't intended to be an exact replacement for the rogue. if it had bee, i'd have just written up some extra abilities for the rogue and given them a court jester flair. it's intended for people who want to be capable of some of that type of stuff, but who also enjoy a little buffing, like a bard. i didn't make an equivalent to sneak attack damage, because while it's possible to build a harlequin as a pure striker, the intent was for them to be complimentary characters, able to aid the party in attack and defense.

    now, as with all 13th age material, in your game, feel free to make any changes you deem fit for the campaign. all of my material is more of a strong suggestion than a definite rule. that's the whole point, isn't it? i'm just providing you with the explanation as to why i did things the way i did.

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  • I see. Thanks for the quick reply!
    - By posting the class here on the Vault, you make it available for people's home campaigns (which is great!) But that means it should be compatible with the Core Book, because that's what most people play (plus their own, very different house rules). You can easily make the class feature useful against standard monsters by
    A) making it once per battle for any attack
    B) Adding "when an enemy forces you to pop free with an attack"

    - One campaign I'm DMing went all the way up to 7th level by now. The PCs, pretty much regardless of class, easily throw around 60 damage on average per turn, with spikes up to 100 or even 150 if the dice fall right. Something like Breathe Fire or Paper Cranes (btw. fix the spelling of the name please) is a joke at that level unless you take the feats. With 7 tricks, 4 adventurer and 3 champion feats at level 7, most of my feats will be used up by talents and maybe the racial feat. I can afford maybe one of those, but mostly those aren't "signature moves", they are dead weight I can't afford to keep. Please avoid trap options and feat taxes in the design, be nice to the players who choose your stuff.

    - Ok

    - If it's intended as a controller rather than a striker, it might be good to give it a little extra in the class features to enhance that role. What about a cantrip / prestidigitation ability that mimics little magic tricks? Fart cushions, hand zappers, jack-in-the-box, firecrackers, that sort of thing? A little ability to come up with minor effects on the fly.

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  • based on your suggestions and a review of the class, i've made some minor changes. notably, scalable damage to some of the tricks, and language to reflect that "popped free" is a change of position for the roll with it class feature. as for an equivalent to cantrips or prestidigitation mastery, that's up to the player. it should go without saying that a jester has any number of tricks and pranks up their sleeve, so however the player wants to roleplay that is between them and the gm. i don't want to charge a talent slot for it. and the harlequin isn't a controller, they're just ment to have the option of a few buffer abilities, which is where the jokes and tales come in.

    unfortunately, i didn't take the time to reformat the file with all the artwork that was in the original, but the meat is still there without the dressing, so i hope everyone can forgive me.

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  • Guest - LCart

    I'm about to start playing this class in a campaign. I think it's going to be a real fun class to play. I'm pretty new to 13th age but I was curious why this class talents don't increase like other classes?

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  • not all classes get more talents as they level, notably the bard, cleric, rogue, sorcerer, and wizard from the core rule book. i lined mine up with those. casters and other magic users that have access to larger spell lists or the equivalent as they level don't need more talents to become more dangerous; classes that rely on physical damage and not the analog of a spell list need something else to give them that boost. it's (ideally) a way to balance the class, but i haven't gotten a lot of feedback from others, so i don't have first-hand experience of how it plays. i'd love to hear how it goes for you!

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