Written by Kajisi.

The Kensei


Play style:While the Paladin combines the martial flexibility of a Fighter with the divine talents of a Cleric, the Kensei draws upon his inner discipline 

for protection and power much in the way of a Monk, but also channels that spiritual essence into his chosen weapon in order to enhance his Fighter 

capabilities to defend himself and those allies placed within his charge.  

Ability Scores: Kensei rely on finesse to disable their enemies, and their channel spiritual presence into their weapon as a foci for their talents.

 You can add +2 to your Charisma or your Dexterity, so long as you have not added to that score with your racial bonus.

Backgrounds: The Kensei has the spiritual discipline of a monastic background, and the physical training of a warrior.. 


To overcome my problems with the editor (purely my own lack of skill with it), I've uploaded the PDF file as an attachment.

*** Updaetd on 20 Nov to include support for range weapon Kensei ***

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  • Updated / revised several of the class talents following a bit play testing and assessment. Goal remains to bring a different warrior style to the game. Envisioning a defensive warrior similar to "Zatoichi", able to pin down and control enemies by reacting to their aggression.

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  • Nice work.

    Some comments:
    - The layout is a bit broken and the font is too small in places. I would suggest to edit, click toggle editor, and remove the span style tags from the html source to fix it.

    - "2d4" as weapon base damage? Do you really want 10th level PCs to roll 20d4 for damage? Isn't that a bit unwieldy? If you want to give the class some extra damage, there are better ways. Maybe replace the 2d4 with 1d10, and 1d10 on two-handed with 1d12? Not really necessary though, as you already add Charisma to damage.

    - Kensei Spirited Defense: It would be better to just copy the text from the Fighter's Skilled Intercept here. You're reinventing it in a way that's unnecessarily complicated.

    - "Charisma may be used in lieu of Wisdom to determine your armor value" - While I get what you're trying to do here, it's a bit confusing. I would leave the basic AC formula as-is, and leave adding Charisma to AC with the Spirit Bond Finesse talent.

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  • Thank you for your comments Martin! I've taken most of your suggestions and included them in the update.

    As for Spirited Defense, I am aiming for something just a bit different from the fighter talent in that I want to keep the image/theme of swordplay finesse as the means by which the Kensei executes his defensive abilities. Therefore I attempted to simplify what I could using Skilled Intercept verbiage, while keeping the actual attack mechanic in place.

    Please continue with suggestions and do let me know if you get a chance to play test the Kensei.

    Comment last edited on about 9 years ago by Michael Parham
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